It's friday!
Have a little paraglider (do you call it a deltaplane in english too?) flying low above a group of coyottes 🦊

from 2021, digital colour phase 😅

@leavt In my language, it's "lotnia" -- "she-flyer" ;) (that is, our nouns have grammtical gender, unlike English but similar to French or German, so it'd be kind of "la flyer").

@brie oooh it's a beautiful word! what's your fist language ? (i might steal it)
Yes in french we have gramatical gender and "le deltaplane" is male!

@leavt It's Polish. As the words family goes, seemingly direct (m) equivalent of "lotnia", "lotnik" ("he-flyer" or "le flyer" in Franglish) is a human, "aviator". Female aviator is "lotniczka" ~ "flyeress". All stemming from "lot" -- "flight". We use a lot of pre- and post-fixes to create words.

@brie sounds like a beautiful language! i like that your prefix and sufixes keep the words short unlike the greek and latin rooted languages like mine, it's super fun to create new words using those roots though and i love studying ethymology, so much fun! thanks for sharing :D

Nope ! It's a hang glider (inne angliche dans le texte 😂)

@Talhaprima hang glider! That's the word that completely eluded me when I posted this 😅

@leavt @Talhaprima I mean hangglider is such a terrible name, delta is just miles better

@leavt Oh that's beautiful! Love the colors and mood, too.

I've never heard the term "deltaplane" in English. But a triangular wing shape is called a "delta wing" in English.

@leavt I like to imagine that the paraglider itself is a creature

@leavt "digital colour phase"?
is the lineart not digital? what about the shadows?

@rina lineart is done with waterproof ink and fountain pen! then i take a picture and do the colours in photoshop. But this is from about a year ago, i do all trad now! i'll post my watercolours soon :)

:blobcateyes: ....

ok i have to try that. back in a bit :blobcatsunglasses:

@leavt woooop wooooop how amazing is that!!!! thanks a bunch for that tip... i borrowed your picture to try, sorry 😅

@rina oooh this is so cool! well done! please borrow more if you need, i practice drawing from other artists all the time!

@leavt thanks :blobcathappy:

and i doodlecopy from others to understand how things work, wouldnt post normally. but this is amazing. and solves my biggest weakpoint.
draw lines -> scan -> colour analog, if fail than colour digitally.

@rina yesss it feels better to have a backup and you can relax when colouring traditionaly

@leavt I don't know if deltaplane is in English but I think it's a much cooler word.

Looks beautiful:)
I like the limited palette and drawing style. :)

I think this would be a 'hang glider' though.
From the wikipedia article on paragliding:

"Paragliding is the recreational and competitive adventure sport of flying paragliders: lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider aircraft with no rigid primary structure."

Whereas this one shows a rigid frame in the wing. :)

The Wikipedia article on hang gliding has a nice comparison table of glider, hang glider and paraglider characteristics.

That said, I think most will understand the term 'deltaplane' perfectly fine on its own. :)

@FiXato aaaaah yes thank you, I keep wanting to call it paraglider because that is how it's called in zelda Botw but you are right, it has a rigid structure so it's technically a hang glider!

@camparillo thank you! Are you from a red desert landscape? Must be really beautiful ❤️

@leavt Yes, very red and with many coyotes. Sadly no hang gliders though~

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