Laughing a bit at "advice to young [insert career here]" things that basically advise single-handedly changing the market to be paid fairly for your work but don't advise e.g. joining a union or building a community of solidarity. Good luck with that.

Let's be honest: being able to work sensible, "balanced" hours for pay that's more than bare subsistence is a massive privilege that not everyone has. That doesn't mean workers shouldn't try to protect their time and their wages, but let's be honest about what the consequences are of trying to do that if anyone who isn't you can do your job for less money.

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This rant brought to you by all the times my (highly-skilled, not particularly young, working for people who get way better pay than him) spouse has worked late and I have wished it were possible for him to work 40h/week instead of 60+, then remembered how fortunate we are that he has a job at all.

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@artsyhonker most of that advice TBH is more applicable for Americans living in certain areas with certain skills where they can move from short term contract job to job fairly regularly with hourly paid work, and where unions / communities or solidarity/teamwork seems less of a thing than here in Blighty (and I'm not implying by any means that we are any better at doing the last 3 than the rest of Europe!

@vfrmedia Americans still have health insurance that is largely tied to employers, so I think my scepticism still stands.

@artsyhonker I'm not sure how/if USA short term contractors get health insurance or if many don't have it or are still wary of costs:
but I read of people my sort of age (which is older but not *that* old) especially in high tech jobs in USA keeling over from heart attacks etc..

I'm lucky enough to have a reasonably well paid job at senior level but it does still mean long hours sometimes (less now though it was affecting my health and my employers at least realise this (its a healthcare firm!)

@artsyhonker also a lot of the "advice" is only of minor value to people who are <30 and in good health and even then non sustainable long-term (then again the entire USA tech industry is just like that, and UK companies "inspired" by it try copy these bad practices. At my work we've had to change one operations management system *three* times because the devs at the small UK businesses we used simply burned out and stopped making anything usable/reliable..

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