Any artists here have experience putting paint on a print? I’m in the process of making this digital drawing (sketch attached 👇), then print it on something, then add metallic gold paint in some small places. I’m wondering if ppl have suggestions on what kind of paper to print on, and what kind of paint (or ink?) to use.

@alexlaw I have a few thoughts, but no strong ones on process. I would deffo do a matte print and then do your over-painting after that? Depending on the tooth of the paper and porousness of it, the printer ink may run. I've had that happen in the past when I printed on canvas and then applied liquid acrylic over it. But I also did not wait a very long time between paint application and printing. There may need to be a barrier spray applied in places and then another coating done to finish. Maybe others may have less intensive thoughts. :D


@ksstarbuck ohh thank you for the suggestions!! What kind of spray would I use? Would that be in between the print and the paint?

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