Random thought: being vaccinated means a greater chance that a Covid infection is asymptomatic, so where an unvaccinated person might stay home with symptoms a vaccinated one might continue going out in public

Wear a mask. Stay home. The vaccine is not a panacea

If you are vaccinated and asymptomatic, you're probably not likely to be contagious, even if you technically do have some Covid virus from an exposure.

This was discussed as a possible concern back when the vaccines were first rolled out, but the authorities (CDC/WHO/etc) soon claimed good evidence that vaccination was preventing transmission.

The "defense in depth" advice is still good (don't go mixing with people if you don't have to), but I don't think this is a big worry.

@TerryHancock @cinebox even latest recommendations from CDC state that vaccines do not prevent transmission. If you are asymptomatic you are probably not contagious when walking around cuz you do not spread particles much without full nose but you definitely contagious when going out, partying, having seks, kissing, hugging, sharing beer, flying, etc.
And vaccinated folks actually think they can do all of that ’cuz „vaccination prevents transmission” which is not true (also according to CDC).


@fudgel @cinebox

I think the biggest worry is that, at least where I am, the issue is not "masks vs vaccines". It's that the same people who won't get vaccinated, ALSO won't wear masks or avoid large indoor gatherings.

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