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Mastodon.ART — a place for your artwork of all types from illustration, visual, 3D, coding, gamedev, photography, musical, written, performance art or ____. Also, your primary/only instance on Mastodon because in addition to your works-in-progress, daily random & fun banter, commentary & cited fair-use posts/art/reviews of others' art is welcome too. 7000+ artists here welcome you to y(our) ad free & open source decentralized creative social life. Please read about .ART's etiquette & other stuff before sign up. There are mobile apps on both app stores — search Mastodon. No Bots. No Hate. Be Respectful & Constructive. Mastodon.art has no ads & no targeting. Brands must be respectful by not making an account solely to advertise. Thank you.
Mastodon.ART is self-hosted & not a company trying to profit off of your life & art with ads.

Your support via LiberaPay or Patreon is appreciated.

Note about registration requests: This instance's administration requires the "Why do you want to join?" field to be filled when requesting registration. Blank submissions will be rejected.

Mastodon.ART General Information

Mastodon.ART is a separate, independent instance and is not affiliated with the joinMastodon.org (tootsuite) organization. The following guidelines are not a legal document, and final interpretation is up to the administration of Mastodon.ART (aka .art); they are here to provide you with an insight into the site and moderation policies.


  1. Moderators
  2. General Notice
  3. Code of Conduct
  4. Copyright
  5. Hosting Information
  6. Federation Policy and Terms of Use


  1. @Curator (admin)
  2. @ChrisTalleras
  3. @EmergencyBattle
  4. @ScribbleAddict
  5. @adamk678

General Notice

  1. Please consider sharing your art with others on your home server in lieu of making an alt here - federation allows your art to spread from there too the same way. We do not recruit & wish for art to be shared on all server’s local timelines.
  2. No Hate. No Bots. No username squatting. Please add a profile pic & an intro toot to keep an account here. I will not remove a dormant account (However, if you move to another server your account will be silenced & then deleted &/or re-released at discretion of admin), no registrations of famous trademarks or names allowed.
  3. Artists, by using this site you understand that it is not a backup or permanent repository for your information, statuses or media. Please keep an original copy of all your drafts or posts ("toots") BEFORE posting. Your account can be silenced/suspended and deleted if you move (say you're moving), are dormant or don't respect these .ART ToS immediately without warning — additionally, your media will be downsized on upload.
  4. Artists, you may leave and join another instance at any time by exporting your follow list and enabling the "Move to a different account" setting on the Edit Profile page.
  5. You may delete your account using the "Delete account" option at the bottom of the Edit Profile page. Keep in mind that federation of your statuses to other servers or search engines is beyond .ART's control. So statuses, media & federated copies of your profile may remain elsewhere. Deleting your account is permanent, cannot be undone & your username/content cannot be reinstated. I reserve the right to reallocate a general username (i.e. @john or @susan) at any time, but will not reallocate custom/creative @N4M3s.
  6. Mastodon.ART has a LiberaPay Account & a patreon if you'd like to $upport the running of YOUR Art community.
  7. We block or suspend many instances that do not adhere to .ART's ToS & CoC. Also, instances are intermittently and temporarily silenced during report investigations or when other instance moderators are not monitoring their users for any of the things agains our ToS/CoC
  8. You may support the community by boosting & positively interacting with everyone.
  9. Your admin & moderator is: @Curator
  10. Thank you for simply enjoying a creative community run by someone supporting The Arts.

    Code of Conduct

    The following guidelines are not a legal document, and final interpretation is up to the administration of Mastodon.ART; they are here to provide you with an insight into the site and moderation policies because all members are guests here:

  1. All users, local and remote, are expected to adhere to the following interaction principles:
    1. Posting work of others must be credited to the artist/author, and must contain some form of analysis or opinion on the work posted. Pure reposting of other people's work is not permitted. Fair Use of copyright may apply here.
    2. Posting the same or similar content on multiple/different instances (fediverse servers) in order to spam local and/or federated timelines
    3. Respect boundaries as placed by others.
    4. Be respectful and apologize if someone tells you that you cross a boundary accidentally.
    5. Give people space if you accidentally push past a boundary.
    6. If you are on either side of this and are worried about the situation escalating, contact the admin or a mod.
    7. Tag potentially upsetting content such as violence/blood, politics, and other potentially upsetting topics.
  2. All users, local and remote, will be considered in the wrong in a conversation that goes sour if they participate in the following:
    1. Microaggressions ("not all men", white/man/cis-splaining, using the wrong pronouns to address someone after being corrected, etc)
    2. Demanding education on problematic behavior from a non-admin/moderator
    3. Skirting the lines of being a troll, or directly trolling
    4. Sharing DM screenshots or quotes from DMs & private communications publicly without all parties permission
    5. Going on explicative rants to no one in particular or @ someone in particular
    6. Creating memes of someone without their permission
    7. Not tagging potentially sensitive toots
    This is not an exhaustive list. If any of these don't make sense, please speak with an admin or moderator. We are more than happy to help you understand the problems with these kinds of behavior.
  3. The following types of content will be removed from the public timeline:
    1. Advertising
    2. Unapproved News bots, post bots or follow bots
    3. Untagged pornography and sexually explicit content
    4. Untagged gore and extremely graphic violence
  4. The following types of content will be removed from the public timeline, and may result in account suspension and revocation of access to the service:
    1. Racism or advocation of racism
    2. Sexism or advocation of sexism
    3. Discrimination against gender and sexual minorities, or advocation thereof
    4. Xenophobia and/or violent nationalism
  5. The following types of content are explicitly disallowed and will result in revocation of access to the service:
    1. Sexual depictions of children
    2. Content illegal in Germany and/or France, such as holocaust denial or Nazi symbolism
    3. Conduct promoting the ideology of National Socialism
  6. Zero tolerance for harrassment or bullying — your account will be immediately suspended.
  7. Any conduct intended to stalk or harass other users, impede other users from utilizing the service, degrade the performance of the service, harass other users, or incite other users to perform any of the aforementioned actions, is also disallowed and subject to punishment up to and including revocation of access to the service. This includes, but is not limited to, the following behaviors:
    1. Continuing to engage in conversation with a user that has specifically has requested for said engagement with that user to cease and desist may be considered harassment, regardless of platform-specific privacy tools employed.
    2. Aggregating, posting, and/or disseminating a person's demographic, personal, or private data without express permission (informally called doxing or dropping dox) may be considered harassment.
    3. Inciting users to engage another user in continued interaction or discussion after a user has requested for said engagement with that user to cease and desist (informally called brigading or dogpiling) may be considered harassment.
  8. Artists, please do not flood the local timeline. Flooding means to not post more than one or two times per 5 minutes to the local timeline because others need exposure too. You can reply and enjoy banter back and forth as much as you want, as that isn't on the local timeline. Please avoid posting many pieces of art all at once. 1 post per 5-10 minutes (with 1 - 4 pictures attached). Respect others' content & statuses so that they can discover others in the local timeline as well as have similar/equal exposure.
  9. Artists, you may post illustrative nudity, body studies and anatomical form intended for mature audiences with content warnings. Illustrative sexual depictions MUST be posted to followers only. You can change the visibility of your posts by pressing the icon under the text input box. No Loli OR sexual content of questionable age — your account will be deleted. Fully nude photographs are not allowed but artistic topless or casual form is fine; however, it needs to be content warned.
  10. Gore, vore and blood violence must also be placed under a content warning.
  11. The admin reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, as well as to remove your data at anytime due to inactivity of any duration (to help agains future unmonitored accounts from being hacked & becoming spam bots), or unethical poor use or usage against Mastodon.art’s ToS. Thank you for your understanding.


  1. All content is ⓒ each artist & cannot be distributed or used without prior permission by the respective Mastodon.ART artist.
  2. Mastodon.art protects your privacy and doesn't monetize or profit off of your personal information or art — your information is never for sale.

    Federation Policy and Terms of Use

  1. Federation serves as a browsing & temporary cached link to cited work here on Mastodon.ART
  2. Other instances may not disseminate others' work or toots without credit and proper licensing.
  3. Other instances may not use dumb code, machine learning or AI to analyze any derived text or work for publication or profit without Mastodon.ART user consent. This includes serving ads next to copyright content originally submitted on Mastodon.ART
  4. Public toots are derived works that are still copyright protected.
  5. This instance honors noindex/nofollow and search engines are not allowed to index.
  6. Your instance will be blocked/suspended or silenced for willingly allowing any of the content prohibited by this instance