this is sydney, an orca mer

he's a large boi (orcas can reach up to 24 ft irl!) and a very good hunter. he catches extra fish for frederick when he and his shoal are in the arctic for the summer. while he's very charismatic, most other mer are suspicious of him for being a warmblood.

he's one of the few mer that speak "drylander," but somehow he talks like a mix between a pirate and a new yorker

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oop turns out i was a bit wrong, the average male size is ~20ft; orcas can get up to 30+ ft at the max

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Brutal honestly: Everything about this art, this implied setting, and all the implications for backstory in what you describe here. This is lovely. ^_^

aww, thank you so much 😭
i have some more backstory on my toyhouse if you're interested!


Oooh! I'll have to look. Fascinating site, as well. ❀️ Thank you! ^_^

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