@zylphide look at these good fr dragons.......i absolutely ADORE the way you draw skydancers?

aaaaa thank you!! i love drawing skydancers...


oh *WOW* those are good

Especially the frilllls on the Fae

@zylphide @chr
Imgdesc1: a foxy stripy green dragon head and neck over the phrase “Charmed, I’m sure”

Imgdesc2: a green and brown snek head poking out of an antlered hood lined with leaves

imgdesc 3: a black and white feathered dragon head and neck with a key on a chain around the neck

Imgdesc 4: a black-and-white sketch of a dragon head with ?fish fins?

@zylphide im so glad your back. your flightrising stuff is always so pretty.

i'm glad i'm back, too! .art is such a great place, i missed it

happy you like the fr stuff ;v;

@zylphide its really good! i've kinda always been a fan of fr stuff. hell i even have the fr how to draw dragons book and back then i didn't even know what fr was. lol

oh big same
undel's books were 👀👀👀 for teenage me

@zylphide pretty much me too! like this book is hella old now but i still have it.

@dragonlaurita @zylphide nice! i've only ever been able to get my hands on the one. i knew there were more but i just pretty much didn't have to money get them

@LensaMoon @zylphide I have a lot too lol (though I don't buy them as much anymore bc I don't read enough to justify dropping money on more q_q )

@dragonlaurita @zylphide yea that too. like i was 16 ?? when i found that one and i didnt have a job now i have no time to go to the book store theses days.

@dragonlaurita @LensaMoon @zylphide (slides into this convo) holy shit I have some of these books? I had no idea they were connected to FR ?

@renardroi @dragonlaurita @zylphide they are! the only reason i even made the connection was because i was introduced to flight rising like a year ago and i was like. "heeeey they look familiar.... i seent that fairy dragon before"

@renardroi @dragonlaurita @LensaMoon
i was actually on undel's old website (which i got from the books) and she mentioned a project called "flight rising" that she was drawing for and i finally caught one of the registration windows in like 2013

can you tell i'm actual dragon trash?

i got most of them online after i saw them at barnes and noble

@zylphide your not alone! lol im going to have to put those books on my long list of things i NEED

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