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ok so i uh launched a ko-fi and patreon, check 'em if out if u wanna support me (no pressure tho):

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heya, i'm celeste! dragons and ocs are my jam

first time here but i'm loving the ui


pack armadillo! when I saw your kofi I immediately thought of this so I don't know why it took me so long to get to πŸ˜”

anyways I love the idea of giant armadillo trains carrying little packs, maybe underground or something like that

some portrait sketches i did instead of working on my symposium poster

me: i don't know how to draw armors or mechas

me: decides to draw an android with mecha-looking armor

please check out the fake wiki page i made for my mer au that

i spent way too much time on it

Quick doodle of my dnd characters from this year before the end. Names in order from left to right is Amelie, Rieta, and Ghost. All of them has such different personalities but Rieta and Ghost are basically baby.

went into the lab today to put my soil into the autoclave only to find that someone had stolen our autoclave buckets

guess the world is forcing me to take a break

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