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ok so i uh launched a ko-fi and patreon, check 'em if out if u wanna support me (no pressure tho):

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heya, i'm celeste! dragons and ocs are my jam

first time here but i'm loving the ui

Some sketchbook inks I've been working on to wind down lately. Pig and javelina skulls are a surprising yet welcome challenge.

I'm making a collab calendar with my boyfriend every year and these are two previews of my pieces for the 2020 calendar :)

so @strawberry and i are in the beginning stages of planning a and we were wondering if anyone would be interested in participating?

the theme is "home," so we'd like to include scenes (both written and drawn) depicting your clan's home, whether it be the dragons in your clan or the geography around their lair

here's the giveaway bust for @zylphide of this very handsome merm guy !! πŸ’š πŸ’š πŸ’š

thank u!

Hello, I'm Bunti, hobby artist from Germany! Nice to meet you :D

I love to draw feminine, colorful and flowery things 🌸

~Winds 02~
πŸ”…β€˜The hot dusty wind that blows from the desert sands and canyonsβ€™πŸ”…

Flashback to one of my favorite pieces I've ever done, a commission for someone over on Flight Rising! I'm not as active as I used to be there, but I still love it 😊 And skydancers are my absolute favorite!!

I'm Simon or Stern, i'm a german hobby artist and engineer and I love to draw fantasy, angels, dragons, scifi and some fanart. Feel free to suggest art projects and zines!

🧑 Portfolio:
🧑 Twitter:
🧑 Weekly stream on Thursdays, 7pm GMT+2!
🧑 I mod on a German art discord, send PM to join! :>

found out during this dnd session that eddie's big brother is alive. Decided to give him long hair to imagine what he looks like nao

An experimental piece i did on stream yesterday.
Its my OC Giselle.
Chara Design by piffi sisters on DAβ™‘

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