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ok so i uh launched a ko-fi and patreon, check 'em if out if u wanna support me (no pressure tho):

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heya, i'm celeste! dragons and ocs are my jam

first time here but i'm loving the ui

Birthday gifts for the birthday buddies this week lol
For @zylphide (left) and @renardroi (right) πŸŽ‰

A lonely seagull screaming about the lunch rush and how many sandwiches are on the menu!

its 3am but i went absolutely apeshit on this artfight friendly fire for @strawberry

I almost fully went for the card aesthetic but decided against it so this could have been much worse tbh. i hope you like !

I just wanted to share with you this beautiful shot of my tools. Because they are so beautiful.

thinking bout my robot kiddo and I want to give them a tail now cause it looks so cool and complete with it

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