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ok so i uh launched a ko-fi and patreon, check 'em if out if u wanna support me (no pressure tho):

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heya, i'm celeste! dragons and ocs are my jam

first time here but i'm loving the ui

thinking bout my robot kiddo and I want to give them a tail now cause it looks so cool and complete with it

you ever make a piece of art and then realize a year on that it's Cringe and Awful and you immediately delete it from every single place you've posted it

Made a gijinka for one of my new purchases cause I miss making designs for my dragons lol

Here are last year's designs! (also available in the link above)

I've refined my lineless art style quite a bit in the past couple years!

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Did a thank you gift for a friend of mine who I haven't talked to for a long time. Really had fun with this!! Pretty proud lol staff: we got an expensive printer so artists can sell prints on site for cheaper

me: real shit????

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