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heya, i'm celeste! dragons and ocs are my jam

first time here but i'm loving the ui

It's never too late for :D

In an establishing shot, if your focal location is strongly to one side, it can read as "arriving" or "departing", depending on whether the reader/viewer looks across the surroundings first, or looks from the focal point to the surroundings.

In a comic, this usually depends on the reading direction.

[EN] Kusasenri in the mist - Kusasenri is a grassland located in the mount Aso area, in Japan, one of the world's largest active caldera.

[FR] Kusasenri dans la brume - Kusasenri est une prairie situΓ©e dans la rΓ©gion d'Aso, au Japon, au cΕ“ur d'une des plus grandes calderas en activitΓ©.

#photo #photography #WeeklyPhotoChallenge #brume #fog #mist #paysage #japon #japan

lowkey tempted to start a nail polish instagram but instagram is jkfaklsjfkdsfs

Concept sketch for Chiyum from Rachel Bradley's project, The Sum of Our Deeds

I can't remember if I've shared this or not before here so here is my snake daughter

designdoll makes me wanna throw my monitor out the window but damn if it isn't helpful for poses

check out this awful tut i made for someone some time ago about DRAWING HAIR AND HAIRDOS!!!
also you can just like watch some tuts how to braid hair on pinterest and it may help you greatly because then you will understand how it's made and so on. It helps me.

tfw i put my $5 gift card on top of my stuff on the conveyor belt at target, look away for about 30 seconds, and the gift card is just fucking gone when i look back

me, literally fucking crying as i'm watching dramatic shots of nature from that Our Planet documentary on netflix

callout post for my who dug up my plants, peed in the potting mix, and then jumped on my bed with his paws full of dirt

wanna draw some pokemon but there's too many choices

hmu with your faves

after doing some sketches, i have to say i am a Big Fan of black drawing paper

ac moore? more like ac lesse

michaels is the superior art store

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