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heya, i'm celeste! dragons and ocs are my jam

first time here but i'm loving the ui

did you know that some species of bacteria produce fluorescent pigments that glow under uv light?

celeste germinates more agave, a saga in ?? parts

holiday nails for our department's holiday party tomorrow πŸŽ‰πŸŽ„πŸŽŠ

an isocahedron (or d20, if u will) that i made as a christmas present

20GB+ of completely free reference photos. Use 'em for commercial or personal projects. No attribution required.

My Skakdi OC Rauta. She's Skakdi of Metal, and the Matriarch of the United Tribes of Zakaz. Second image is a sketch of her Warframe reincarnation, she's an Ash.

christmas icon comm...have a lot of these to do now

my Sims Drathus, vampire president and 5-star celeb πŸ˜‚

quick question for anyone that uses fixative spray: can i spray an object and leave it out to dry in the cold? it's winter and i don't have any well-ventilated spaces indoors, plus the fixative says to dry at room temp

mfw i realize there's an untaken name i could have had but i never even tried to get it

"Fuck answering riddles," the harpy said, wings unfurling. "Pay me three compliments instead."

Aaaand i seem to keep popping up randomly every now and then. I finally have Christmas holiday after a nightmare with 6 exams. So here, a i gave up on. xD

Sadly i forgot my tablet when i traveled home but i might upload some traditional :3

never forget the one time some person messaged me saying that they would have loved to commission me if not for the fact that i said no reposting my art, because "as a furry, they loved to repost their commissioned art on their furaffinity"

tfw ur a leftie and u have made a grave mistake

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