Now I know how to model [ V A P O R W A V E ] stuff 🦆 (loopable)

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@zughy Is the last and first frame the same? There is a small interruption in the loop but I'm not sure if it's due to a playback glitch or a duplicated frame.

no, you're actually right, I don't know why the luminosity in the last frame is not the same as in the first one. I'm still learning I guess, but nice catch!

@zughy The last and first should actually *not* be the same, because if you loop then that gets you the same frame twice. You want the frame after the last one to be the same as the first one.
Like: [a b c a] looped gives you [a b c a a b c a], when you actually want [a b c a b c].
But I'm not actually sure if Firefox is playing the "gif" (actually probably a webm, even if you uploaded a gif) back correctly without interruption, so maybe the error is on my end. Hmm. Let's see what ffplay shows..

@zughy Yeah, something looks weird in ffplay too, and I'm 90% sure that can do uninterrupted loops.

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