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I'm Zughy and I'm basically a pixel artist~

Artio from SMITE, the Bear Goddess 🐻

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After the thumbnail
now the second step of my vacation challenge is done.
The preparatory drawing on canvas with coal and pastels. (30x40cm)

>> Next is then the color palette definition.

see tag for all the steps so far.

Also a big shout-out to Giov4 who used arena_lib to create its minigame/mod Murder!

We're not advertising yet but you can try the mod in our server "FOSSa delle Papere" (geolocalised in English too)

Download Murder here:


With teams and a new fancy editor to easily create your arenas πŸ‘©β€πŸš’ πŸŽ‰

Download it here:

Also, YEEEEEEEY, top 4, Soothing 32 is officially in homepage, I'm moved :,)

thank you people ❀️

So, I haven't been updating my profile much, BUT

βš”οΈ arena_lib is getting ready for the next major release: version 3.0, featuring TEAMS and a fancy GUI editor. This is going to be massive, it opens up to A LOT of mini-games, also because you can put as many teams as you like :D

(Mr Robot glitching in the background, how nice)

A commission from last year, I've actually never uploaded it anywhere 🌸 🌼 πŸƒ

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HAH! Look who I've just found!

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My newest digital painting ~ inspired by the art of Huang Xu, who makes hauntingly beautiful photographs of colored plastic bags floating against a dark background.

full process available on my patreon -

So hey there!

🎨 Soothing 32 now supports wool!

βš”οΈ Arena_lib 2.5.1 has been released with even more features and customisations!

So, A LOT of updates in a single toot:

SOOTHING 32 now supports rails and doors mods too

ARENA_LIB has reached the 2.3.1, adding new customisations to any arena minigame you have in mind. You can find the changelog on contentdb here:

QUAKE has been improving since weeks, but it's not stable for a 1.0 release... yet πŸ‘©β€πŸš’

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100K on Twitter.
Thank you very much everyone, I hope I stay a good color splash in your timeline. I'll continue to share art and love with your support. I am profoundly grateful for the motivation you offer me every day.
Stay safe, at home, and on twitter.

Texture pack for Minetest released: Soothing 32!

Let me know what you think about it, any feedback is appreciated :D

Right now it features "Default" and "Flowers" mods 🌷


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ArenaLib 2.1.0 (and 2.0.0) has been released!

Now it works as a standalone mod and it fully supports translations 🌻 Go make games without any Italian message popping up (e che cacchio)!

Also, it's on the Minetest "store":

Release on GitLab:

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