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First toot here 🐘
I'm Zughy and I'm basically a pixel artist~

Artio from SMITE, the Bear Goddess 🐻

⚔️ Aaaaand... we finally have a DEATHMATCH! ⚔️

Time to shoot people around in the map I made for the occasion: Neden 1. (that was a lot of work, not gonna lie 🐑)

C'mon, join A.E.S. on Minetest and get ready to fire. Pew pew 💆‍♀️

@Minetest also, help me share the love! Translating the skin mod in your language will help it to reach more people, more easily. I just need three words:

- "wear" (as in "wear these clothes")
- "by" (as in "made by this_guy")
- "Wardrobe"

I'll credit you, of course, just say a (nick)name!

(currently available in 🇬🇧 🇮🇹 🇪🇸 )

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New GUI for the skin selection in my MT server, "A.E.S." 🐑 🍃

Thanks to a few people, after some thinking I've decided to release the pixel art made for the server as CC BY-SA 4.0, so... enjoy!

You can find the code here:
And the pixel art here:


WIP 💆‍♀️

Transposition of the S4 League "Neden 1" map, on Minetest. Available on our server "A.E.S." Soon™️

just finished to build a new map for the Block League mod on my Minetest server (A.E.S.)

Hyperium 💆‍♀️

【A T A R A X I A / D R E A M L A N D】

Also, I've dropped a few mods updates in this period, and a new one in order to have a proper whitelist system:

So, I forget about Mastodon quite often, but in short: get ready to have proper minigames on Minetest 💆

In these days I've been trying to create a new main menu for Minetest. If you want to know more about it, this is the topic:

(I'm not the official artist, I'm just trying)

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