another version of a cup for a large family; more cheerful colors 😎

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here is a small cup for large family, made with 👩‍👧‍👧 😉

again Sisyphus, this time a reworked version with ... a cleaner human condition

a first sketch on a whiteboard.
, this great condemned to do ... for nothing, since we must start again and again

another animation .. same background but a story of parallel world

poor cows, so manipulated that they have become carnivores 🍔

Tuto inkscape : sculpter / dessiner

Nous allons voir comment dessiner des croquis avec inkscape, nous utiliserons les outils : - crayon (F6) - sculpter/peindre (maj+F2) + utilisation de l'option pousser (Shitf+p) et rétrécir (Shitf+s) Télécharger le fichier avec les monstres...

end of human supremacy ... the insects were there long before us

wonderful goldfish ... slightly modified by global warming ⚛️ ☠️


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