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Stop Pub Stop
Protect the planet .
Big companies want to trim our rights: let's take away their profits and consume less

General breakdown of social rights and Public, sponsored by the employers; after pension, hospital, school ... paid holidays ? And all that oxygen that we breathe again for free without paying anything ... we walk on our heads ; in any case, the rich are rubbing their hands: "it is not enough to be happy; still the others must be unhappy "(Jules Renard)

consumer society: I just found a great illustrator: steve Cutts: see his site

human tourist on Mars: possible scenario ... with color 🤓
Blender 2.80 and Grease Pencil

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Saviez-vous que l'action du film culte Blade Runner de Ridley Scott se situe en...
2019 ?

Did you know that Ridley Scott's cult movie Blade Runner is located in ...
2019 ?


Human on Mars : possible history
😬 😋
made with Blender 2.80 and Grease pencil

what's more banal than a tap ... and yet, around this object, some humans start to fight

I took my little robot and added ears and a nose, in a greener environment and on a mountainous planet, with a new camera movement

I took my previous head for a little animation.
- some bones: from the skull to the ears and the nose;
- a camera guided on a circle (select the camera then the circle, then ctrl P and follow path);
- and a workbench rendering ...
result a little

head in :blender: 2.80 with "draw" "crease" and "flatten" tools. The rendering engine is "workbench" with studiolight on "metal shiny".
it looks like bronze

from some sketches, 3D construction of a tyrex and rotation with ; they were there before us ... and after us?

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