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well, let's start!
my name is Alena, i'm 20 y.o. student-architect from Russia

my big inspiration for works is music so i try to work with my track's ideas and associations

hope you like it and it will be a nice platform to show my works

my eng can be bad so i'm sorry for that!

thank you! <3

Still wait when i can send print to @znkd too!
Russian post returned the letter to me saying that so far there is no exchange with the country 😔💔

Today, I got in the mail a print from the wonderful @znnavigator !

I love how much texture this print has to it.

Sourced Out On Demand

i continued drawing with carbon trace paper, multiple lines with a comb and outlining advertising supplements. combed commodities. made only a few book copies to use up left over recycling paper… 💌 swap zines anyone?

#frgmntscnr #fragment #zine

I know that works in progress are not something worthly but it's all i have so it's better than nothing i think 🤧

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Still doing a lot of stuff and thinking about 2020 summary. It was tough year, for many months I don't even have one decent work... it's not a complain just for me to think how it happened 🧐 since I initially don't have any specific goals in drawing, I take it easier. there were good moments too, just now I think about the number of works and there are few in comparison with past years

i'll post all wip's and processes to feel ashamed and responsible for them 🤪 i hope i will finish them all soon....

Another wip 🤧 i think i can stream on this saturday again, mb lineart of this pic

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