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well, let's start!
my name is Alena, i'm 20 y.o. student-architect from Russia

my big inspiration for works is music so i try to work with my track's ideas and associations

hope you like it and it will be a nice platform to show my works

my eng can be bad so i'm sorry for that!

thank you! <3

I've a bit of bipolar disorder switching between lawful neutral and chaotic evil but oh well, could be worse! I never even thought of trying lawful good option...


which is yall


piece of a competition work
we were 3 minutes late, unfortunately 😅

chlorophylla is alive on:

it's a platform meant to stream sound recordings* and environmental sensor data from around Anca Bucur's installations at the Botanical Gardens in Bucharest. The interventions will be on until August, 15, so check them out if you're around Bucharest during this time
*right now we're just streaming some soundscapes from our last vacation 😃

thanks to mastodon - really the one platform where i can write heavy thoughts.. still need to upload some art because it seems "not okay" - words without "work" but anyway better than silence.. feel the same in my native language unfortunately

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Music: Coil - The First 5 Minutes After Death

a nervous state is reflected in an unstable coloring
I always see a parallel: human temperament = color
it is very difficult to retrain your brain, because it's so fundamentally
sometimes it is not worth so much effort: perhaps if something goes easily - it is worth improving in it
but not always

some kind of thoughts about coloring...


on mastodon I want to write more open posts
sometimes I like the color and texture of blood, it looks good on traditional.
of course it can be wild and sick, I understand another opinion
but it's a part of my art so..regret nothing
I usually used a part of my left hand
fingers are dangerous to cut because of the nerve endings
please take precautions and hygiene!
p.s. please do not consider this as propaganda for self-destruct,I do it in my right mind and for a specific purpose 🙏🏻

the only my original story I'm working on is about a man who ended up in an empty snowy Arkhangelsk. He seeks answers to questions about the world and who he is. This is a fantasy russian reality.

Finally my collab is a part of e-asa events! Open call extended to 30.07! Feel free to join! All information in pinned posts! ❤

Did you guys saw new trailer of ?
It's terribly awesome and insane.
My regards to Patrick Clair and his team ❤

Open call in the (two pinned posts on my profile!) extended to 12 of July
Feel free to join! There is no restriction in the format of art
Wait for you! ❤

I just got a vertical mouse and it's really comfortable and cool! Thank @Clifford so much for the recommendation!! 👀

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