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well, let's start!
my name is Alena, i'm 20 y.o. student-architect from Russia

my big inspiration for works is music so i try to work with my track's ideas and associations

hope you like it and it will be a nice platform to show my works

my eng can be bad so i'm sorry for that!

thank you! <3

в выходные был хакатон eco jam где мы сделали игрушку на тему экологии
в нашей команде собрались максимально далекие от этой темы люди, музыка, визуал и текст - сделаны нами, сама игра - помощь одной из кураторов
игра о том, что делает человек при встрече с объектомкак это повлияет на землю?
мы хотели сказать, что путь экологии не всегда понятен, даже делая хорошее на планете внезапно наступит..коммунизм? там есть еще несколько рандомных концовок
ПередвижениеWSAD рестартR

finally I gathered the whole team to give the collaboration's task. I hope that we will get an excellent job at the end)
I promised to show what I did in my first collab separately - the first test was something to make from a plaster - 3x15 walls, it was quite difficult to break them later)

thank you all for the interest of my pixel works <3
it turned out that now I mainly have works in pixels, so if anyone here is interested - write me, the price of backgrounds from 20$

since summer I plan to organize one collaboration and think - is it interesting to anyone here? I usually collect people on VK and this is limited to Russia, but I would like to work with people from all over the world, it'd be cool if someone would be interested in it. it'll be an art project that will be small&interactive. later I will make a full announcement. if you are interested in collaborations with different artists - write to me, I'll tell about my previous experience and what we did)

Long work from may.. really tired of it
Track: amenra's works. Love his music, need to buy ticket on his concert in moscow but i still don't have enough money 😅❤

my 100% love and the only crossover that I perceive with - 🖤🖤🖤
baseball, worms and batter!
* фол бол means that the batter hits the ball, but the ball flies out of the field

most of the pages and frames I saved from the manga are locations, especially the right hole <33
materials: liners

it turned out empty, which upset me, but I realized this already after I started linening (13th is a very cute character, the first character I liked, so nice in details and calm in mood ~

materials: liners

something super magical Hayashida does with details in work - the manga looks rich, but doesn't annoy with details, you can catch a lot of things, look at the windows in buildings (this is my favorite !!), and in character design - everything is so thoughtful and cool done !!!

Noi in armor for the devil's exam

track: whole playlist in vk actually xD
materials: liners

telefon's new album terribly outspoken and tearing apart, truly love

track: telefon tel aviv - I dream of it often:
materials: glue + alcohol + ink, blood

After dälek's concert in moscow, it was really great and chill <3

track: dälek - weapons
materials: ink, stencil with masking tape, sponge, white gel pen

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