What is this? Me, drawing men for once?
The heat must be really affecting me😆
(I like it tho👀)

In the cave, she had to deal with a parasite she got from the eel-like creature. It got under her skin. 🤢

chlorophylla is alive on:

it's a platform meant to stream sound recordings* and environmental sensor data from around Anca Bucur's installations at the Botanical Gardens in Bucharest. The interventions will be on until August, 15, so check them out if you're around Bucharest during this time
*right now we're just streaming some soundscapes from our last vacation 😃

Music: Coil - The First 5 Minutes After Death

a nervous state is reflected in an unstable coloring
I always see a parallel: human temperament = color
it is very difficult to retrain your brain, because it's so fundamentally
sometimes it is not worth so much effort: perhaps if something goes easily - it is worth improving in it
but not always

some kind of thoughts about coloring...

thanks to mastodon - really the one platform where i can write heavy thoughts.. still need to upload some art because it seems "not okay" - words without "work" but anyway better than silence.. feel the same in my native language unfortunately

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🍂 I'm enhancing old artworks for a special artbook project: tweaking color for CMYK, adding bleeds, painting more details and resizing them for my desktop publishing in Scribus. It's a long process but very rewarding. Here is one of my fav with a new background:

Story continues, she arrived to the earth-like planet, pod crashed into a big ass lake...

Unfortunately, someone from Russia (Alexey Knyazev) is selling my art as wooden puzzles. First, he sold my Wakeful Wolf without my consent.

I told him to stop selling my art and reported this illegal product everywhere I could. Today I saw that he started selling two other artworks of mine as a puzzle under a different company name.

Please don't purchase any puzzles from "woddopuzzles".
instagram.com/woddopuzzles/ or "Alexey Art".

#art #illustration #arttheft #mastoart

Just a perfect day. I wish these were more often.
What is your Saturday?
Repost and comment if you want :)

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