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with mini flamethrower integrated. Psd and fbx are in patreon. Free, no tier and

Morning fediverse!
Hope you have a powerful mindset today for fulfilling what you truly desire from the deepest part of your core.

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Does the fediverse have opinions on e-commerce options for setting up a store for selling my art? I'm looking at a couple options but since I don't have experience with them all I'm having some trouble deciding what to try. It would be nice if it could also handle downloadable files, but it's not a requirement; the priorities are that it's a secure free/cheap solution that can be placed on my own website.

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Hello. This is the account of . It is a project from the in Germany. Our music goes in the direction of folk or songwriter. Our texts are in German, often with Erzgebirge . I'll be posting some of our music here in the near future. Maybe there are some pictures or thoughts about music, homeland, traditions and the context of these things. I hope that someone is interested or even just a quick look.
Glück auf.

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figurine concept sketch
The Youjibot will help you with your most mundane tasks: wash the dishes, walk the dog... Mop the floor.
That is if it won't go crazy because some malfunction or virus, and start a human killing rampage.



#advice So I'm trying to upload the source files of my artworks to the internets Show more

Thanks all for the input in my art doubts toot. I think is better to not call it open source, just open art perhaps. 🤐

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So! I'm in a pretty tight spot! My computer got busted on my move out here and I'm going to need to replace it in the next two weeks. If you'd like to help out, you can donate at my Ko-Fi ko-fi.com/froregade and also get a free wallpaper set as a big thank you!

#open_source I have a questions about open sourcing art and music. Show more

Something 2d for a change.
Want to work more on the 2d skill. Poco tiempo hay though.


Mothbot. Another concept.

I'm releasing these kind of artworks as and

I'm uploading the sauce files to opengameart.org/users/zonked in case someone wants to grab'em. Png, psd and blend files.

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GIF of creepy Processioner monster from the BLASPHEMOUS game Show more

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Holy Ship! My team and I at Altitude Games have been (and are currently still) working hard on this game and finally, you can give it a try!

Set sail with an adorable and quirky crew of animal pirates, collect treasure, upgrade your ship, and fight epic bosses! This game is in Early Access/Open Beta so it's still in development - perfect time for you to leave us your feedback. 😁

We teamed up with Big Fish Games as our publisher to make this happen!

The 2D art team and I worked on concept art for the maps/BGs, characters, and ships; UI art/icons; textures and turnarounds for 3D models.

Available on Google Play here: play.google.com/store/apps/det

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Anyone have tips for how to color when you're (red/green) colorblind? I've been getting by with making palettes using the eyedrop tool but if possible I'd like to figure out a way to expand my range beyond like, the three different shades of each color that I can tell apart.