Lecture doodle time!
I just love long hair.. or sidecuts.. or both.. ^^°
Cute and creepy dude. :3

Found and painted this SKR 700 in watercolor on non-watercolor paper. Cassette recorder from the GDR produktion company VEB Kombinat Sternradio from 1984 to 1989. I spoke with its owner and it works perfektly fine.
wikip: Radio LW, KW, MW, VKW - 87,5 to 108 MHz

Felt totally uninspired all day, but when I read about the OC of a fellow Discord member, I had the desire to draw her with her bow. This is Mia. :)

Ok numérisons ça avant de foutre mes gros doigts partout dessus vu que ça fait trois ans que je dois acheter du gel pour cheveux en spray pour fixer mes carnets et que j'oublie.

#art #mastoart #sketchbook

'A walk to a gathering'
This was gonna be a fast drawing and then I started adding detail and stuff and... yeah :P

I think

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