So, while it isn't in the budget this month, I have a weird thing I may want to commission, if I can find the right artist/artisan.

I'm looking at pens. Specifically a nice dip pen nib holder that I would use for ink drawings. Straight and not oblique.

I don't know of any woodworking creators on the fediverse, though, and I was wondering if there's anyone with the right skill set here?

I'd love to have a unique and interesting drawing pen made.

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@ziphi I think @smerp does really cool pen art. not sure if it's the kind that you're looking for.

@ziphi @emacsomancer Oh wow! I didn't know that
#calligraphy was even discussed on the #fediverse. I've done a bit of
Copperplate and a bit of #lithogrpahy styled drawings using both a
straight and oblique. Would love to follow this thread.

@5uie1 @emacsomancer

I tend to favor ink drawings myself, with calligraphy pens being my favorite tool for it, though I'm not very skilled at calligraphy. I've done a bit with foundational hand, though it's been a long while.

I think I also remember @welshpixie doing some calligraphy (and some really cool mandalas as well), if you want to check out what she does.

@ziphi @emacsomancer I have fosstodon blocked because I got tired of the reply guys 😂 But yes I do calligraphy - only chisel nib stuff; blackletter, foundational, and insular uncial ^.^

Listening to Micro Monday I've learned that used to be into woodworking. Now doing leathers.

I remember having seen smiths here as well.

@ziphi I would consider trying this, but I would need to see a specific example if one exists. Dimensions are also helpful. I assume you want the nib installed? would you be dipping into an inkwell or using an ink cartridge? Also if you have resources for the nib and cartridge you want either you can send me the link or send me the hardware. This will be hand shaped. However, it will be very nicely done and I have some lovely spalted tan oak that will make for a beautiful pen! See pic.

@jiggidy Ah, thanks for responding!

I wouldn't need a nib or cartridge installed, as I'm not looking for a fountain pen. It would need a ferrule for holding a nib though (see attached image).

For dimensions, about 7-8 inches long total. The body would be about 2in long. with the tail and around 5 or 6. The thinnest part of the body around 0.5in diameter, and the thickest part of the body 5/8in. or 3/4in. The tail would be thinner, depending on the strength of the material.

Examples are below:

@jiggidy But I am currently saving up money, so don't get too involved in this just yet. I don't want to waste your time before I'm able to pay.

If you would like additional references, here are two of my favorite makers I've found so far:

And I am of course interested to hear what you are capable of and comfortable with doing and what price point you would consider.

@ziphi wow, those are some really beautiful pens! I don't have a lathe and those look to be lathe made, but i can probably make something similar. i can evern laminate different species of wood together if that is interesting to you. i can do a lower price point and give you a fediverse discount. we can talk specifics whenever you are ready.

@jiggidy Ah, thanks! I may contact you again in a month or so, after I've saved some money, considered my options, and gotten a better idea of the specifics of what I want.

Thanks for your input. I'll look into the work you've done and see if I can come up with a more specific idea to run by you soon.

@ziphi i made one out of aluminium once, on a lathe. My time is busy but I could probably do the same again.

Also I just grabbed my own bit of wood and carved. The inserts are really, really cheap.

@dianaprobst Thanks for responding! I’ll be considering my options for the next month or so while I save up some money.

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