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gonna redo my intro since ive been gone a while and deleted everything, I'm zheida and i like to draw lots of fantasy ocs. im heavily influenced by 80s/90s anime and uhhh!!! i do a lot of world building but not sure how much of that i will post here hdf

forgot to post but some fan art of lina inverse! i do this prolly once yearly kjdhf

He went to fight wars
For his country and his king
Of his honor and his glory
The people would sing

Ooooh, what a lucky man he was…

I am like, begging for you baby
Makes you wanna party, wanna wake up
Baby it's violence, violence

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was multistreaming with some friends tonight and heres my junk doodles

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Hey, I'm doing some quicc 20 dollar pfp commissions to pay for college textbooks for anyone interested!

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