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ime to do a small proper post !

Im Zellkabellk (also Zellk) and I'm currently in my final year of learning how to make games and art. Im working on a year-long game project called Initen for that ! I hope to be a concept artist (tho im flexible with whatever will come) later o/

Even if 2D art is my love and workhorse, I enjoy seeing 3D art, shaders, textures, a lot of game-making stuff !



🐢 Tumblr


And now a little picture inspired by a lot of talks around an AU in which Jaina would be a Drust mage/druid/being of some kind. Linked to both sea and forest 8^)c

Banshee Queen (night) and Forest Queen (day) Sylvanas from the incredible Fey AU fic "Death Comes on Soundless Feet" by Raffinit ;;;;; - You can read it right here ! >>> <<<

Some fanart incoming... The first piece I drew when I started to read some of the political marriage fics in the fandom (I love all of them o|-< )

Ive fallen into both a Sylvaina and FFXIV ditch these past months and it's been really nice.... both my fanart and OCs sides are being stimulated....

Little gift art for @shuuzaar for their OC's birthday (Filhis, on the left), it's on the 22nd of December !

Super late to the party but here's some outfits for @shuuzaar 's toon, Rhithin o//
Last outfit just happened because at some point I activated both outfits layers at the same time and realised they looked good together

Ayyy I dont come here often but it's time to post some inktobers 8>

Finally done with this!!! A fanart of @shuuzaar's OC Fëhar that I started for the thingie over twitter. It got a bit out of control and I chipped away at it little by little over the past days!
Here you can see shuu’s initial post on twitter:

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A drawing of my most recent gw2 character. Mitas is a sylvari that got caught by the toxic alliance as a sapling and was experimented on. Fortunately they were saved along other saplings but they're very different from before :^/
Still havent found a way to make the "skin" look more like vegetal matter, but I'll keep looking for an "easy to draw but it works" look still o9

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