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ime to do a small proper post !

Im Zellkabellk (also Zellk) and I'm currently in my final year of learning how to make games and art. Im working on a year-long game project called Initen for that ! I hope to be a concept artist (tho im flexible with whatever will come) later o/

Even if 2D art is my love and workhorse, I enjoy seeing 3D art, shaders, textures, a lot of game-making stuff !



🐢 Tumblr


Little gift art for @shuuzaar for their OC's birthday (Filhis, on the left), it's on the 22nd of December !

Super late to the party but here's some outfits for @shuuzaar 's toon, Rhithin o//
Last outfit just happened because at some point I activated both outfits layers at the same time and realised they looked good together

Ayyy I dont come here often but it's time to post some inktobers 8>

Finally done with this!!! A fanart of @shuuzaar's OC Fëhar that I started for the thingie over twitter. It got a bit out of control and I chipped away at it little by little over the past days!
Here you can see shuu’s initial post on twitter:

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A drawing of my most recent gw2 character. Mitas is a sylvari that got caught by the toxic alliance as a sapling and was experimented on. Fortunately they were saved along other saplings but they're very different from before :^/
Still havent found a way to make the "skin" look more like vegetal matter, but I'll keep looking for an "easy to draw but it works" look still o9

My GW2 sylvari, Mauld, for !! They are a mix between an indo-pacific sailfish and a marlin o/

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