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ime to do a small proper post !

Im Zellkabellk (also Zellk) and I'm currently in my final year of learning how to make games and art. Im working on a year-long game project called Initen for that ! I hope to be a concept artist (tho im flexible with whatever will come) later o/

Even if 2D art is my love and workhorse, I enjoy seeing 3D art, shaders, textures, a lot of game-making stuff !



🐢 Tumblr


Visual warning : Fresh wound / Healing wound

Andddd two years after falling in it, I'm still very deep in hell.
Here's a portait of Jaina and of Sylvanas inspired by the really good fic "The Lighthouse" by CatFirebrand on Ao3 (

My sylvari Mauld... hadn't drawn them in a really long time. Somehow probably ended up being my fav drawing on 2020 despite how 'small' it is x)

Hey :> ! Been a while since I logged here but here's some art update uvu

My big girl Qalaari o/

A bit late on the trend but here is Poison Gym Leader Mitas! He has only one digit because he didnt know you could input 3 when he started his challenge years ago!

Thinking about post-Mordremoth sylvari Sylvanas. Taking the other un-turned sylvari (coughsForsakens) under her wing to find purpose together and protect each other from the soldiers that are still hunting them as mordrems bc they wouldn’t know any better.

And now a little picture inspired by a lot of talks around an AU in which Jaina would be a Drust mage/druid/being of some kind. Linked to both sea and forest 8^)c

Banshee Queen (night) and Forest Queen (day) Sylvanas from the incredible Fey AU fic "Death Comes on Soundless Feet" by Raffinit ;;;;; - You can read it right here ! >>> <<<

Some fanart incoming... The first piece I drew when I started to read some of the political marriage fics in the fandom (I love all of them o|-< )

Ive fallen into both a Sylvaina and FFXIV ditch these past months and it's been really nice.... both my fanart and OCs sides are being stimulated....

Little gift art for @shuuzaar for their OC's birthday (Filhis, on the left), it's on the 22nd of December !

Super late to the party but here's some outfits for @shuuzaar 's toon, Rhithin o//
Last outfit just happened because at some point I activated both outfits layers at the same time and realised they looked good together

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