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This design will become a static cling. I wanted to make something that would look cool when backlit on a sunny window, or would provide a good message when stuck to someone's mirror. Pretty happy with how it came out! Since it's such a crisp design I've made it available online as a sticker, notebook, shirt and more in my Redbubble shop (

Thanks for enjoying this piece! Your comments are appreciated.

Due to popular demand (and the last two being snatched so quickly) I've opened up TWO more slots for my B&W Symmie icons ( )! They are still discounted from 25€ down to 23€, and they're further discounted when you order a second or third one. You can order up to three icons per slot. Great for getting gifts for your friends!

You can order instantly through my ko-fi at

Thanks for your sup

New art! Hope you enjoy this piece. Tips appreciated at! Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

New art! Hope you enjoy this piece. Tips appreciated at! Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

B&W Symmie icon for Rico Tiger! These icons are normally 25€, howeverI have one discounted slot left at only 15€. You can order up to three icons per slot at a discounted rate, so it's currently only 37€ to order three icons. You can order instantly through my ko-fi at (Ko-fi runs through PayPal so you can order with USD or whatever currency you have).

Hey everyone! I'm trying to beef up my funds in anticipation of stocking new inventory for next year as well as catching up on all my time lost being unable to work while waiting for my visa. So! I'd like to revisit my B&W Symmie icons! (Examples here ( )) I've discounted these icons to only 15€ (about $16.63USD) and you can order instantly through my Ko-fi at

Thank you for your help!

After a few soft requests from various people plus gaining a better understanding of my work pace, I've decided to open up TWO new slots for postcard inks ( ) (look for the TRAVELER reward)! Remember, my postcard inks are only available on my Patreon or at some event appearances, so if you've been interested in getting one, now's the time! You're welcome to just grab one and then unsubscribe after.

I'm off to Paris tomorrow for "FBL" or "Furry Blacklight ( )," a small convention that started out of a laser tag meetup but has grown into a whole convention, complete with its own Dealer's Den. My husband is joining me this time AND I've been granted an extra table, so while he's assisting me I'll be able to take on some commissions at the con. I'll also be dressing up in the con's theme (alchemy and black magic) for Halloween, so bring your came

Here's my final inktober commission for Allstarze of their cosmic foxy character using their paws like paintbrushes to create the very universe itself. The prompt was Yugen, which is Japanese fordeep understanding of the universe. They also supplied me with the kanji to add on the lower right.

Personal piece after a recent and lengthy and deep fit of depression. I wrote a very long diary explaining this piece along with many of my (very) older pieces of art, which Tourists ($3) and above on my Patreon can read here:

My October diary is finally here. This one is...rough. The second half of October really just...completely fell apart for me. I sank into a depression I haven't felt since I left the US, really. So for this diary, I explain everything that's been going on, why I ghosted from the Internet the past few days, and share both old and new art to paint a picture of my life of sharing my raw emotions through art and writing.

Postcard ink for a patron. My postcards are exclusive to or available at my convention appearances only.

Postcard ink for a patron. My postcards are exclusive to or available at my convention appearances only.

Inktober commission for King Kazma of his dragon character with his fiery fox guardian companion. They've been exploring through caves and rough terrain to finally come across a tree of old whose powers are yet untold...

The last few Inktober commissions are still open at

Hey all, sorry for the sudden and total absence over the past week or so. In addition to having some French visa stuff to deal with, I ended up in a very, very deep depression. I haven't been thrown into a depression like this in a very long time. I found it really hard to crawl out of.

I'm still feeling pretty down but I have some harsh deadlines looming and need to get to work. Thankfully about to wrap up another commission now:

If you're keen on getting an ink from me before this month is out, take a look at the prompts available and how to order at . Prompts are first-come-first-serve, and once the date has passed that prompt is no longer available (e.g. yesterday was the 13th, so you can no longer order the prompt for the 13th since it's already gone). The 15th, 19th and 30th upcoming prompts are all claimed.

Inktober commission for Deeryeen of their deer-hyena hybrid character in animal form. Solivagant meanswandering alone.

You can read more commentary about this piece at

InkTraveler prompt #6 was Trouvaille - Something lovely discovered by chance. This one was claimed as a commission of someone's husky character (which conveniently fit the real 's #6 theme: Husky). See my full notes about this piece at

Catching up on an commission featuring both a character and my own InkTraveler prompt. Plus, listening to spooky music! Watch now at

No commission for this one, so I found a free hyena napping ref online and practiced with my brown faber castel inks. So far I greatly prefer my Microns, but so many of my favorite artists love the Faber Castels, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong with them. More details about this piece at

Quick saturday stream for right now! Going to draw a sleepy hyena, experimenting with brown inks and markers this time, & listening to jams!

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