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Hello .ART! :artpeek:

I'm Zatty (or Zatnosk, or Jonas if you ever meet me in dirtspace) and I'm a nerd and I make !

I've been around in the fediverse for years, so some might have seen me post about stuff from my personal instance, That server died thought, so now I'm migrating.

I'm a big fan of the moderation work here on .art, and I hope my stay will be long, joyous, and artful.

Feel free to request follow whoever you are :artsits:

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Hi, I have a new profile picture! Or rather, I finally have a profile picture on this instance :da_grin:

It's a pixelart portrait of myself as a goblin on a red background.

It's based on a lovely sketch by the amazing @dona ! :da_bounce:

CW eye contact

Sometimes I'm saddened that the Warcraft universe fell down into a grindy MMO hole, and will probably never come out of it again.

Where did the original fantasy strategy games with extensible map editors go?

Hot take: The Beast from Disney's Beauty and the Beast animated moving picture is a Time Lord.

Have you seen that regeneration sequence?!

Fun fact: The jackdaw and the canada goose are actually crops from the same phone photograph. They were just chilling near each other on a lawn in a park.

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I added three more birds to my "animal book" this morning.

All of them photographed the day of my brothers wedding 😃🥰

Earlier this week I had the revelation that Veo Corva's Tombtown universe is relatively vague about the surrounding world (at least the parts I've read so far), and that their NPC / Kin multiverse is amazingly openended in what kinds of worlds can be reached through portals.

Whiiiiich, can only mean that it's IDEAL for fanfiction that does crossover between NPC and Tombtown.

On the other hand, I'm not sure I can pull off such fanfiction in any way I'd be content with.

The idea of bringing up a brand new instance open* to signup is growing on me.

But I'm very uncertain what server software would be the most fun to run. Fun = pleasant for users and for me doing menial admin-work.

Opinions welcome! (Pleroma is intentionally not an option)

(* with caveats, depending on software chosen)


Fun with topology 

If you cut enough holes in a net, it turns into a pair of pants.

If you cut enough holes in a pair of pants, it turns into a net.

I'm having a very hard time not just atting a certain fae person from a certain western part of a british isle, and going "look! look what I'm making! you are amazing and your art inspires me to make art!"


Oops, my hand slipped, and I accidentally tagged the nearest welsh pixie.

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Apparently, pixelart based on calligraphy letters curved to follow a circle can look pretty cool.

Sometimes I'm surprised just how many fictional stories can fit inside my head. Sooooo many characters, relations, and events!

(Please don't slap the roof of my head and call it a bad boy, I don't want a headache)

gender, sexuality 

The more I think about it, the more it occurs to me that non-binary gender and gender fluidity interacts /interestingly/ with heterosexuality.

(Almost as if all categories are imprecise and "the map is not the territory" applies here too)

Writing struggles, trans character 

to be clear, I've pondered this many times before, and I've also posted about it before without getting any significant breakthroughs (that I can remember), so I don't expect much to come of it.

But at least I'm wondering out loud.

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Writing struggles, trans character 

Figuring out how to write a main character that is trans, but also exists in a fantasy world where transphobia / transmisia isn't a thing, is really difficult for me.

1) I present comfortably as my birth-assigned gender, so many struggles and joys related to being trans are unknown to me.

2) How would I show a character being trans without talking about genitals or transmisia (because I don't want those to be part of the story)?

Fallen London 

Zailing is still my favorite part of Fallen London - I just love the mechanics of drawing cards and chosing between a few events to progress towards my destination.

Unfortunately, I don't go sailing much, because I can't find much use for it.

I'd love for some kind of long-term story or mechanism where I was trading certain items across different ports to unlock/grind/train something.

Oh no! I just realized I don't have access to :blobcoffee: :blobcatcoffee: and :pikacoffee: on this instance!

/cc @welshpixie how open are you to additional emojis? I realize there's already a lot.

Crude joke 

Who do I have to fuck/marry/kill to get a good skirt right now?

I love how there's a concept of "illegal building techniques" with Lego bricks.

I really need to build that year-wheel calendar for myself so I can see when it's best I start building infrastructure for next year's .

Sorry not sorry for posting more bad jokes than pixelart on this account.

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