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Good morning! This is my obligatory first post on •ART so everyone can get a feeling of what I’ll be posting. of landscapes and local wildlife, shooting with a X-T30.

The Sun fell behind the clouds and highlighted the clouds in front of them.

These clouds were the front edge of a storm blowing to the west of us. Hopped out of the car to grab a few images before getting back in

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anyone on here do commissions of, like, vector art of cars?

Tonight’s sunset. A snap decision to go out and capture the sky.

Gary Larson is doing some comics for fun again, this time digitally. There’s three new comics up for everyone to enjoy.

I’m using the first of these baby Great Horned Owl pictures for July’s Open theme at the camera club as well. Hard to choose what photo to use with an Open theme!

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I took this photo of sunset that I had processed before and played around with Affinity until I had it looking like an oil painting. First time I’ve tried to do any sort of mimicry of a different medium in editing. This is my ‘creative’ entry for this month’s camera club meeting.

My mind wakes me at 4:45 AM and starts nudging me to the sunrise. Begrudgingly, I obey and head to the beach.

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A Sandhill Crane scratching its head. Haven’t played around with the cropping or processing this image.

This evening’s sunset had a small set of dark clouds that allowed the sun to slip right between the ceiling and horizon.

Sunset sky. I chased this one until the clouds obscured the last of the sunlight.

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