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After my fourth appeal and zero reaction from Google, I decided to delete my Google Cloud acc. Almost done syncing Monero & Bitcoin nodes on the new server.

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Google blocked my VM for hosting Server which allowed me to invoice clients in Monero and Bitcoin. After 2 appeals, zero reaction. I was not mining cryptocurrency with 2vcpu and 2gb ram, it’s impossible!

.onion available 👀


Another work in progress update. Time to take a break from sculpting and enjoy the rest of Sunday.

My 7yo: "When I grow up, I want to be just like my daddy. He doesn't work and just spends his day at the computer doing nothing."

Started with a male character while working on low poly of previous wip. Sketching some ideas while it's still fresh in my mind. Feel so sorry his body will be covered with clothes at the end 😅

I just replaced Google Fonts with a privacy-friendly drop-in replacement



(Also works with Material Icons!)

I can neither confirm nor deny that this is my first toot. 😅


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