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@mkinyon Is comicscamp your main instance now? I think I seen you on 1-2 other instances in the past, but I'm not sure about that.
Is comicscamp nice?

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My gift for @Ypsilenna I wanted to do something special so for the first time in my life I tried animation. <3

Does anyone around here use ComicFury? I made two free templates recently, and they added them to the list of their premade layouts!

I drew this portrait of Kael’thas Sunstrider yesterday after having a dream with him.

In my dream I was in a relationship with Kael’thas and it was all cute and romantic until I asked “Kael, where are your green balls?” and his face looked like this.

The dream overall was quite funny (although I do not understand why I had it, as I don’t really think about this character) and it made me feel very inspired.

I hope you enjoy this little drawing I made!

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Theres a figure in the distance, their face hidden but their voice oddly familiar. They remind you of someone you lost. They remind you of someone you wouldn't like to se again.

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Today is the first time in years that I attempted to make some pixel art.
He is the main character of my webcomic.

I was eating soup and when I came up with this idea for a crossover of WoW and my webcomic.
Do not eat soup you guys.

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Is anyone else up for an art trade?
I want to put more artworks of my comic characters in my fanart gallery :D

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