I haven't been drawing much personal original arts... But I'm back... I guess lol

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So umm.. not sure if this is allowed to be posted here, if not I'm sorry and I'll remove it..

But I recently got accepted to Don Bluth University to learn from Don Bluth himself, animation for a year.

I don't usually like asking for money, but if anyone could help I'm much appreciative.


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Hey artists.

Please don't put dreamcatchers in your art unless it's actively supposed to be about native American spiritualism.

Because I've seen some of you use them for ~aesthetic~ and I'd like to ask you to not.

I don't care how ~dreamy~ your shit is, stop using my culture out of context.

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Just wanted to remind my new followers from Mastodon.ART that we aren't the only server and there's lots of cool people on other servers that you can follow! A few servers with people that I follow are:
elekk.xyz (gaming)
sleeping.town (general, cozy)
fandom.ink (general, art, writing, fandoms)
artalley.porn (18+ art, sfw and nsfw)
efdn.club (general)
octodon.social (general)
radical.town (general)
gamemaking.social (gamedev)
tabletop.social (tabletop gaming)

And there's many more out there!

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