also first (intro) post in mastodon!! hello, i'm yil o/ i like ffxiv and drawing!

@yildraws Your art is so good! Something you can do to help even more people be able to enjoy it is adding alt text/a caption. To do this from the web interface you just mouse over the image on the compose screen and type a short description into the field that pops up. Just a short description is ok i.e. "Lyse from FF14 riding a chocobo", "A smiling person with round glasses and scars", "A dancer", "An Au Ra man from FF14"

@adamk678 ohh thank you ☺️ !! and thanks for telling me, i'm still figuring out mastodon's features and stuff 😂 💦

@yildraws There's a ton of great features to learn about, especially for artists. Aside from alt text the big ones are content warnings so you can safely post things that may make people uncomfortable, and you can set a focal point for images to make sure that what you want people to see isn't cropped out in the image preview!

@adamk678 @yildraws Also, use the hashtag 'mastoart' to have your art show up in's gallery view. A lot of people also watch that tag across the Fediverse.

@reinderdijkhuis @adamk678 I see! i'll keep it in mind to use it next time 👍 thank you so much!!

@yildraws Thanks for supporting the open internet, and welcome to mastodon, babe! c: Your art is wonderful and I can't wait to see more of it xoxo

@yildraws Thank you for sharing your art here with us :).

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