i might just be losing it but my colors always look way more saturated online than in my drawing program and it's Killing me...........

ok so I figured out it's an issue with the program's Color Management Settings --> i set it to sRGB and it now looks as saturated as the browser ver but I have to deactivate the RGB profile + manually desaturate the pic in order to save it so it uploads to browser in the correct saturation💀..............im tired

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you guys this is the actual colors can you hear that?? it's my soul shattering

SKJNCDIJ THE FACT THAT PEOPLE BOOSTED THIS IS SO FUNNY TO ME thank you for saving the last shred of my dignity as an artist 💀 @Galacticdoodle @Helsic

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@yibby I’mma have to level with you..my gremlin brain just said PRETTY COLOR MUST BOOST
I’ve been pulling so many all nighters, but I’m glad I picked the right one.💀Also you art is very pretty!

@Galacticdoodle THAT'S VALID I'M THE SAME...i hope you can find time to rest soon 🛌

@yibby I need sleep. Maybe one whole week after this show then back onto prep for the next one. Wheeee

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