I am a matryoshka of blankets today >0< so chilly!

But I also have coffee, so it's all nice :coffee_mug:

Definitely too early for this, and I still have a lot to add, but I'm gonna try to make a bigger level in order to get started on a demo. Exciting and confusing; much like this entire process. πŸ‘Ύ

The place that could do individual shirts was close by, and now I want to do so many more haha

My partner's birthday is soon, so I designed him some tshirts :D

(The first one is for his work's causal Fridays, and the second one is the shirt we wanted to make for an old hobby in esports stats.)

I'm gonna learn how to animate so that I can choreograph dances for my OC's. πŸ‘―

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dumb emoji idea:
a ninja that's the color of the theme background. you can only see them on the other theme.

(reloading because I made them a light-theme sparring buddy)

November 1st should be a holiday. People have parties during the previous night already; kids stay up late. No one wants to work, and stores already use the day as a transition to Christmas decor >.>

Peppermint Mocha? ❀️
Caramel Apple Spice? 🧑

In this restaurant, they have a caesar salad that has kale as the primary green instead of romaine, and they missed their opportunity of naming the salad "Kale, Caesar!" πŸ›οΈ

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I'm nostalgic for when I spent all my time building in minecraft. I liked making big trees. This is Kellmoor.

Taking the next couple days to comment the socks off my code. I keep getting lost after long breaks between finding time to work on it, so clearly I need to write more reminders. Also apparently my code wears socks.
Then maybe... some UI junk?

Every time I go out in public something slightly awkward happens, and I end up regretting going out in public. πŸ™ƒ

I'm procrastinating on work, and I am really far into Stardew Valley right now, so I made myself an NPC... complete with gift loves/hates.

It's such a perfect Monday mood. Dreary and rainy and cold.
Perfect for a blanket scarf and coffee and nostalgic indie music.

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