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This is Jane, the science lady in my gamedev videos. Also Doug. They have freezeray backpacks. I should start tagging my game stuff.

related ramble: balancing this, work, and maps is really draining, and I'm not having as much fun with pixels lately. I still want to animate my leftover pokemon scene, but I think I might switch to vector practice. :bob_ross: I've never made an OC. I want to make an OC.

:D got undo to work! that was the last thing on my list, so I need to start a new to-do. mostly messing with lights and shadows? I'm nervous.

(I also have a lot of "not necessary" cleaning to do, but that's just in a slowly growing sub-list for now) 🐌

I got switches working! Simple color change in background! Door unlocking! Icy guys don't skedaddle off diagonally when they bump into each other! >.< Noob progress! 🐌

It's a billion degrees outside, but that won't stop me from putting hot sauce on everything.

But anyway...

:hot_sauce: πŸ₯‘ 🍞

woo I can turn and walk! (but I'm not sure why it's so low-quality) it's not much, but I'm a super-noob at this, so I'm happy. now I need to push the icy guy.

I have a soft spot for Johto because Crystal was my favorite version, and I built the entire map in minecraft one time.

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ayyy my character is finally moving. the animations aren't working and the tiles are messed up, but I'm calling it a win for today's noobery.

I'm trying unity, and I'm super intimidated, and I feel silly for being intimidated, and I wanted to document these feelings, so here's a toot with terrible sentence structure.

a twist: the heart was the protein portion of the lunch. the ritual is complete. I now have the strength of a horse.

πŸ₯— :hot_sauce: 🍚 ❀️

couple of closeups/stills of a couple of cuties πŸ’œ

small process of the previous pokΓ©mon scene :succulent: I should take more in-between pics.

rainy summer days ☁️ 🌧️ ☁️ cool and cozy grays

❀️ It's one of these posts, but I haven't said it yet. I super duper love mastodon. It's so friendly and active and every notification feels like it means something~ The admins are so nice, and everyone's so talented. It's an actual place to recharge and connect, and it doesn't leave me empty and overwhelmed. I really appreciate everyone here. ❀️ 🐘 ❀️