I did the castle originally as a redraw of one that I did a year ago. >.< I'm glad my style is getting more confident, and I'm excited to keep practicing! πŸ’™

multi-part dialogue example, scratchily-made πŸ’¬

going to try an answer choice format after this.

I want to record more gamedev progress but I have to re-download OBS and I'm lazy ^^; but I am happy with my dialogue box progress so-far!

🧦 Socks: on
:coffee_mug: Coffee: poured
πŸ§₯ Sweater: cozy
☁️ Weather: chilly

I love this time of year πŸ’™

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What's that rumbling noise? 🐘 Show more

I was introduced to ghost pepper salsa last night as a joke, but joke's on them because I really like it~ :hot_sauce:

Sometimes I forget that I've chosen my online representation to be an image of two sock puppets.. 🧦

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got a caramel latte :coffee_mug: πŸ’™
enjoying it before I start cleaning again. My goal is to get the kitchen done today~

I've moved! Now it's time to clean everything and unpack >.<

Haven't been able to do much with this recently, but I did do a few little things. Camera now follows player, and issues are fixed. Put in Doug as an NPC stand-in.

Can't do much else until I finish moving apts, but a little forward-movement is important! ⚑

Oh! Maybe it's cool enough for coffee~

Waking up this morning I thought "wow it's cloudy today!"
Nope. Wildfire haze. At least it's a few degrees cooler. ☁️

~ Animal Muffin Club ~
Enjoy them with some milk! πŸ₯›

gif version!

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