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Man, I thought I was going to get to do more pixel art this weekend, but there's a new map in OW that I have to assemble T.T At least it's a pretty map.

rooftop wip ๐Ÿ’œ so much pink and purple

squid wip ๐Ÿฆ‘ turned out to be a cutie

Does anyone have experience in how much to charge for simple animation? I've never charged for commission before, but the scenes that they want, like the looping gifs I've posted, would take a few days to do.
I don't want to under or over charge >.<

Sorry in advance for double-posting, but I deleted a toot a few days ago that didn't actually delete, but it's kind of deleted still, so I'm going to repost it that way it's assuredly up!

The courtyard with all the cherry blossoms is really pretty too, and I want to try to make it someday. I always liked the noodle shop mascot~

Huh, the size is a bit awkward. Sorry about that.