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NSFWish/nudity with no naughty bits showing 

Day 346/365

Day 342/365

This outfit brought to you by picking my mom up at the airport past my bedtime.

Day 338/365

I'm enjoying the what's-done-is-done-ness of instant pictures. No second guessing, no sorting through 100 shots to see which ones worked, no cropping, no color correcting. Just shoot, scan, post.

NSFWish/nudity but in the dark 

Day 336/365


Day 332/365
"let the soft animal of your body love what it loves"

35 days to go! A few people have asked about the possibility of a physical collection of this project, in book or mag form, so I'm looking into options that balance cost and quality. Just for my information as I look around, how many of you would be willing or able to buy a book? And if you're comfortable answering this: how much might you be willing to spend? No judgement or pressure at all! This is purely reconnaissance.

Lastly, an enormous thank you for all the love! 💕

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