NSFW/nudity with no naughty bits showing 

Oh hey, I shot some pictures yesterday! Here's one! (The rest are either not great or not appropriate for public consumption)

Hey everyone! Just a little update: I'm working on putting together a book/PDF of the project. Right now I'm just in the organization stage. I've got all my final shots + possible alternates gathered into one folder, and next up I'll be sorting them into chapters (aka the hard part).

I'll keep you all posted as things continue to happen!✨

Eye contact 

Day 365/365

I feel like I ought to have more to say on the last day, but all I can say is thank you all so much for being so kind and supportive to me here. Like my friend's helping hand in this photo, I couldn't have done it without you 💕

Day 361/365

This was kind of a silly idea, but hey, at least it was an idea!

Day 354/365

This was the only picture I took of myself that day. Whoops! 🙃

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