feel free to upload a pic of yours, would love to see everyone's setup ✪ ω ✪

@yapo OMG, this is way better than I expected 🤩. Love it

@vib i went a bit crazy last year with purchasing houseplants 😅


Very nice and perfect color scheme. I love it.

The only thing that slightly buggs me is the amount of plants there. Not because of being there, but because plants produce CO2 at night or when the light is not there for photosynthesis. This means that in early mornings the surrounding is full of CO2 which might cause a little bit of hypoxia and reduce your performance. You perhaps should open the window to have better ventilation in the mornings.


@yapo @Suzie97 this is so pretty! Love the plants and consistent colour scheme you’ve got going

I think I’d get driven insane by how much of the monitor is being blocked off though :cate:

@yapo this is lovely, the plants and color theme are so cozy looking ✨👏👏💖

@yapo @Suzie97 I would love to have a similar setup but my cats destroyed every plant I ever bought :(

@grayrattus oh nooo sorry to hear, i dont have a cat but i do hear a lot that houseplant keeping is a hit or miss with cat owners indeed 😔

@yapo first off I've never seen such a literary alt text... second, what a chill place to work. :o My study pales in comparison, I really should invest in some decorum. And plants, lots of plants

@hadriscus thank you! I spent most of my time here so i wanted something very relaxing but also allows for focus ☺️☺️

@yapo You really put a lot of effort into this setup. The colors and mood of this space is very cool.

@yapo @Suzie97 I'm expecting to hear a peaceful lo-fi track to this, it looks lovely 😊

@yapo @Suzie97 Beautiful. Must be a very inspiring work place.

@yapo@mastodon.art Woah, that's such a cozy and good-looking setup - the colors are so nicely matched! :blobcataww:
Also I love all those plants! I should really get some for my room...

@yapo @Suzie97
What do you use to hold your keyboard and tablet like such?

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