Hey there! I'm a bit late to the party, but I should do a quick , yeah?

I'm your friendly neighborhood California Bay Area spare-time artist. A little sweet, a little spicy, but not 18+.

My latest stuff is always at retroheart.net!

Aaaaahh im really just so inlove with this particular cookie theme on acpc 😳 i want everything from the set but i dont think i'll have enough time to farm leaf tickets.. asdfghkl

Here’s a later attempt! Also not quite what I was going for but I like it a lot! It gives me retro magazine print vibes :eyethink:

#MastoArt #Art

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A stream goes through rocks under a ficus tree. (The stream is made with a rough crystle.)

i want to transfer it on a cute clay pot but the drop in humidity might be a problem. Right now its inside an used candle jar.

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Starting a tag for people who are struggling with making art because they're not up to their own standards.

Draw something little. Just have a go A little flower or some leaves or something abstract. Then share it with that tag.

People browsing the tag: be kind and encouraging. Help people get into the habit of drawing regularly and not being afraid of being 'bad'. :bob_ross:

I just remembered I haven’t even introduced myself on here 🫣 Hi! My name is Ian, I’m a non-binary illustrator and art/design student based in Germany 🌱 I love to draw my OC Rhodes, flowers and little things that inspire me 🌷 In my free time I enjoy journaling and reading books 🌹 Feel free to chat whenever

Last year I started to really get into more complex backgrounds. Especially urban areas, perspective and less "natural" sceneries were what I wanted to challenge myself at. So I drew my (as I always do) in their natural surroundings - a modern urban city filled with puns and references!

I think I actually got some kind of coherent story out of it - completely unplanned!

[ ]

growing up on the internet 

i remember being in my early 20s on the internet and feeling at home in any online space i sign up to.. now im in my early 30s i actively try and get an idea of the community's majority age group first before i set up camp and get comfy (Im mostly talking about discord servers.. animal crossing specifically ToT)

surround yourself with the right things 🌷
pls do not repost, edit or use

Slow morning~ trimming my nepenthes' old pitcher. You can hear birds chirping in the background too ♡

Some replies from other fediverse don't show up on my end and i have to use an alt before i can see them. Why is this? 😭

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