Party members deciding what's next, shopping at the market or spending the day at the bath house, clearly one of them is not very enthused by the idea.

drawing while waiting for the washing machine to finish. Laundry on Sunday is my least favorite thing.

This from a game where everyone played Monk, fun game, the characters actually felt very different from each other.

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Making comics on sunday, decided to color one of the panels just for fun. Swordmaster teaching her student a bit of a lesson. Art for one of my patreon comics NSFW18+

As soon as I find some time I want to go back to pixel art. When I made this I envisioned the kind of place I would like live in and spend the rest of my days.

Counting the minutes for the new episode. I made this fanart back when the anime (2020) came out, It's been an amazing ride, I felt that excitement again from long ago when I watched the first incomplete series and read the manga. Watching Popp shining is just ❤️

Anyone else watching Love After World Domination? So far it's been great and I adore this absolute himbo.

furry tasteful nudity piercings 

Memories from my FA account, I used to draw more furry stuff but work doesn't really allow it these days, I still like this one, quick color some 5-6 minutes, looks good.

Pixel art is another of my interests, I find it very relaxing, It's hard, has it's own nuances but feels very rewarding when things look good.

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