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If you worry that you'll run out of righteous (ineffectual) rage without going to The Other Site every day, take it from me. You won't. I nuked my account four years ago. Then I lurked a lot but even that got to be painful. So, absent a big local event where I might want "live" coverage that's not from shitty corporate news types, I'm down to about 5-10 nonconsecutive minutes a week over there...

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Even More New Arrivals Meta 

...and I'm still mad every day about something. 🎭

I read somewhere once that rats make their own Vitamin C without eating fruit. I make my own anger, and cling to it for obscene amounts of time. This superpower was in me all along and it may be in you, too. 😉

Even More New Arrivals Meta 


Well, I was suspended from Twitter permanently earlier this year, so I don't have that problem.

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