Call To Collage Makers in OR/WA (Portland/Vancouver Area) 

I'm clearing out yet more old cooking/baking ephemera, if anyone's still interested in a box for themselves. Everything's free, though I can't deliver to you. (Sorry.) Shoot me a DM if you're interested in coming by for some.

(We don't smoke, and we are vaccinated. Also, I can set things outside for you to safely peruse.)

Boosts welcome.

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Call To Collage Makers in OR/WA (Portland/Vancouver Area) 

[ding ding dingdingding]

[cue "Price Is Right" victory music]

Someone just carted off a WHOLE Giant BOX of stuff!!! Woo hooo!!!

Thank you to everyone who boosted this yesterday.

(There's still more, BTW. lol. There's always more.)

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