We have lift-off! Wooo!! 🦋

“Time Alone 3” - Tall reddish brown rectangle w/faint leafy brocade pattern & dark watercolor-y “dirt” at bottom. Side view of a spiky pink 10-petaled flower w/wriggly green stalk & 8 dandelion-y leaves. Elliptical clock face over “dirt,” & tiny clock face welds flower & stalk together. Trim: 10 tiny multicolored butterflies @ left & right.

“Peaches 4” - Tall orange rectangle w/fuzzy blots & streaks of pink & red. Dk. red w/tiny button pattern over it in bowtie shape across center. 4 white scroll shapes @ center tipped to form lg. hourglass shape. Inside it: red occluded cabochon “glass.” Blurred doll in pink-checkered dress at lower right, facing viewer. At top & bottom: 3 floating opaque plastic audio reels. Faint 1940s kitchen at top left. Text: “ ‘Floats’ & the land of party ideas.”

Art: Crustaceans On The Move & A Rich Jerk, Watching YOU! 

“Crab Town 6” - Tall rect. w/thick blue & green paint & 2 round yellow buttons make a child-like hilly landscape. 7 vary-sized crabs descend from sky in an “S” shape. On grass: a supine blonde fashion doll in a long blue ruffled dress. Also 2 B&W photos: 1 of a 1960 U.S. political convention crowd & the other of a man in a tux. Text: “You don’t like our pinching? Then you'd better stop punching.”

Art: Detached Hands, But No Gore 

“Bye-Bye, Love 4” - Horizontal rectangle in toothy dull purple, decorated w/9 faint vertical ellipses in other muted colors. 2 overlapped smaller white rectangles make a shape like an opened scroll. Across that: 11 columns of asymmetric vertical abstract shapes connected to ea. other & ea. in a different bright color. Trim: a man’s hand @ L and a woman’s hand @ R, + a few scattered stars & concentric rings in the same colors

"Double Cross 6 (Red Top") - Long horizontal rectangle w/brocade leaf pattern over all. Outer rim in gray, center in bright blue, and vertical “hourglass” shape in bright green. Infinity shape crosses center in yellow w/more patterning. Two rough white “plus” signs centered at top & bottom. Trim: 4 arced/half-oval lines, 2 tongue-ish curled pink horizontal glass triangles, 2 spinning tops, and 2 yellow glass beads.

Art: Waffle, Anyone? 

“Good Morning 5” - Tall gray rect. w/steam-ish vert. wavy lines & canvas texture. Faint colored image of coffee cup & a few flowers over all. Large dk. smudges of blue & green @ 3 corners. 2 lines of curved toy railroad tracks @ left & right. Randomly arranged: plate w/waffle atop tiny yellow cart, 2-tier 1950s chrome coffee pot, open green can of coffee, & early 1950s blond dude in light blue suit striding left. Text: “Clicky Clacky.”

Art: Eye Contact, But Real Abstract...? 

“Day Sleeper 5” - Square composition in light gray. Curved, unwound hot pink satin ribbon is pinched at the sides to make simplified big floral shape. Over that: opaque pink paint spatters. Faint criss-cross lines meet circular ones at center. Trim: 2 coppery circles at center left & right resembling trumpet bells viewed head-on. Postcard of a gaudy pink and gold 1960s hotel suite at center.

Art: Multi-Eyed Glass Beast, Watching YOU! 

“Red Giant” - Tall pale gray rectangle w/toothy texture & smudges of yellow & dark blue. Banded @ top by horizontal red-striped fabric strip & @ bottom by mottled red scroll shape & large blue strip w/snowflakes. @ center: tall red glassy triangle, point-up, ringed @ top & bottom w/6 primary-colored vari-sized metal rings decorated w/4 blue buttons. Gold button w/star @ center. Tiny 1960s business dudes @ L. & R.

Art: Valentine Sweets & Only The Mildest Of Snark 

“Special Treat 7” - Long rectangle in 2 shades of toothy brown. Simple tipped white box outline at right w/blobby pink pattern has photo of a dozen fancy candies falling out of it. Larger, blurred & darkened version of same photo at left. A pink wicker-type lid near bottom. Trim: 5 contrasting triangles of varying sizes. Type: “Never enough quality for you.”

“Sunken Leisure 6” - Tall purple rectangle w/vari-sized tile/grid effect over all. Lines are curved vertically @ center & marked w/bright blue "pastel" to suggest water. More blue in spots @ L. & R. & in a thin line @ bottom. Trim: 3 sailboat line drawings in 2 triangular & 1 round white “tile” w/blue edges, 3 scratchy ellipses, plus 3 patches of faint text. Flat opaque white shape @ bottom w/3 circles suggests larger boat turned away from the sailboats.

Art: Big Eye <3 A Big Apple 

“Eve’s Gallery 2” - Tall rectangle divided into 6 asymmetrical wedges of alternating lt. & dk. gray. Blurry translucent square/rectangle/circles + yellow watercolor blots form background. Lg. yellow paint orb w/metal “pupil” at L. & yellow apple at R. Trim: Hellenistic statue of old woman, a framed Matisse landscape, a few metal nuts, & tiny B&W apple drawings. Text: “Apples,” “Genuine,” & “Retail Value $2.50” arranged randomly.

“Today At Midnight” - Long rectangle w/felt-y texture & varied blue tints & shades w/a few white scratch marks. Muted images of flying gulls, thin trees, a table, and a cubed window section. @ center: large upright gray weight shape w/old printed jar lid as base. Near top: 2-layer brushed metal diamond shape. Text: “A dream” (2X), “Distinctively different, and “Or money back.”

“Rose Room 9” - Tall skinny rectangle in blotchy/streaky orange tones w/cursive and bits of small rose print, both blurred & faded. 3 white rose blooms stacked at upper L. Framed drawing of cherub pair with fancy scrollwork below. Tiny brown leather 1950s chair at center-left.

Art: More Eyes On You & More Booze, Too 

“Happy Hour 14” - Long rectangle w/simple (abstract) bar scene in mostly primary colors. Part-human seated figure w/metal & wire body, one white glove, & icy blue orb head w/red eye @ left holds yellow liquor bottle. Patterning w/red rippling & little cocktails in stemmed glasses w/cherries. Trim: 13 more icy blue orbs, a bottle of cherry liqueur, & a blue & cream blocky drawing of 4 men & 2 women in formal wear.

“Green Man” - Tall rectangle in patchy muted greens and blues. Turquoise blue “emerald-cut gem” shape turned sideways at center. Criss-cross tiny triangle “wave” filter over all for a glassy effect. Jade green upright figure-8 shape at center with distortions forming little pale green figure of a man with upward-stretched arms in each section.

“Dirty River” - Tall rectangle in blotchy dull lavender with gray clouds & faint image of downtown Portland (pre-1950) with a view of the Willamette and Mt. St. Helens. Over it floats a skinny gold vase with green stalks made of cables and 2 large stylized gold and red metal flowers made of spoon handles. Text: “Who says it’s Spring?”

Art: More Damn Cake 

“Buzzard’s Bake Shop 12” - Tall rectangle w/coarse, streaky cream-colored background. Large faint image of cut spice cake w/flaming peaches on top. Slightly off-center: pyramid of 15 small tiles ea. alternating an angel cake topped w/an angel figurine or a smaller version of the flaming cake. Trim: faint image of a metal cake keeper (upper R.) Text: “Count off twice before you pick the winner.”

Art: Romance of Cooked Meat 

“Fools In Love” - Tall rectangle of mostly rose-red. Block of thick yellow oil paint @ top has opaque couple kissing & a chicken quarter. Arr. over surface: big shiny ham on aluminum platter, creepy spouses carving a big roast, 2 smaller opaque platter copies & big 2-pronged fork. Trim: vari-colored dots in 2 vert. angled rows over red area of comp., plus thin orange border @ R. & bottom. Text: “New colors cut twice as sharp.”

Art: Cake, Artichokes, Dankest Suburbia :P 

“House Of Jade” - Wooden 4-paneled, 2-level shadow box in murky greens and pinks. Panel 1- Heavily white-frosted rose doll cake facing R. 2- Round green gem-like ball sinking to lower level. 3- 1950s business dude on phone facing L. w/pair of artichokes over his head 4- (Lower level) Big 1950s ranch house w/attached garage & shrubs, edged w/pink flowery carpet. Text: “Another exciting taste of pure solitude.”

Art: Pie Out In The Rain (& Big Eye Watching YOU!) 

“Angel Pie 12” - Long rect. w/simple rainy blue sky, curvy brown path, & green spiky upright “grass.” Grinning 3/4 view of 1950s woman points L. at a tiny pink ballet dancer. Crooked row of 4 pink panels ea. w/phrase “Fluffy Angel Pie” & hands setting pie dough in glass pans. 3rd panel obscures 1 of the woman’s eyes. Trim: 4 yellow flower buttons below. Add’tl. text up top: “She keeps dry with…”

Art: Plush-y Toy Spider, Lookin' At US :D 

“Space Spider 5” - Tall rect. in gray. Tall inverted funnel or bong shape in grass green. 1930s photo @ top: young man looking into microscope. Center: B&W circle w/simple black spider drawing trimmed w/4 green eyes & fuzzy web-like lines. @ base: toy astronaut. Other trim: 6 button/marble shapes in blue, yellow, & green. 2 diagonal criss-crossed ellipses, 2 green rings, & 2 horiz. rows of chalky crossed lines.

“Surf Club 2” - Grainy pale blue square. Thin strips like blue & white-striped drinking straws form zig-zags @ top & bottom + a tilted square @center. Mottled stone-like circle w/pink outline behind them & insets of same @ upper L & lower R. Center: bright peachy-pink olive . Trim: tiny pink-tinged sunset-on-the-water photo & 2 samples of dark blue asemic cursive type.

Floating Fruit & Giant Lady Watching YOU! 

“Citrus Show” - Tall rectangle. Upper 2/3rd is a landscape of blue sky and a lemon orchard w/mountains behind it. Big translucent B&W laughing woman’s head @ left. Some angled ad text, 4 floating orange & lemon shapes, and an early 1960s TV screen. Lower 1/3rd: textured lemon shapes w/orange text: “This Is A…” and four ladies’ torsos in blue dresses w/white gloves and pearls.

“Magic Cap 2” - Square comp with wood veneer-type mat. Forest glen or large garden w/summertime blooms and toothy pattern overlay. 9 mushroom-like shapes of varied size, texture, and tone in foreground. A 530 B.C. Greek Peplos Kore statue is viewable in the distance under an arch of deep green. Overhead: 5 square 4-petaled red bloom shapes of varied size.

Art: Olives again?! 

“Beat Salad 9” - Horizontal rectangle in dk. blue w/white recipe table of contents across it vertically. Open inner rectangle of 4 pinkish wood boards. Inside that: rough, blurred lt. blue close-up of a molded fish salad. Trim crossing wood boards: A strip of six green olive stickers, a strip of green cloth w/white flowers, a set of red plastic silverware, plus a small copper fish mold nestled in a corner. Text: “Happy With Chapter IX.”

“Overcast 2” - Medium gray square mat w/a few light branch-y brushstrokes at left and right. Large “X” or butterfly-type shape at center in gelatinous or lava-lamp-ish hot pink and bright purple alternating sections. Four v-shaped rough white highlights point towards center. Two peach blossoms w/leaves in fuzzy circle at center. Toothy Wave filter texture over all.

“Royal Roost 8” - Long toothy rectangle in blotched light gray, hot pink, & bright blue. Silhouettes of 2 roosters: 1 in dk. blue & smaller 1 in pale yellow. Blue rooster has 3 round vertical “buttons.” White grid pieces @ L. & R. 4 B&W egg shapes w/text: “33 1/3rd LP, Long Play.” Small duotone pic of a house @ R. 2 small saxophone shapes in white & yellow at upper L.

Ring Ring Ring + Tiny Quadruple Eye Contact 

“Beauty Queens” - Square with wide rim of 2 shades of pinky-beige. Blurred, glassy red-brown and off-white “brush strokes” with vivid blue scalloped center. Big gold ring made of 12 smaller rings. Inset at NSE&W of 4 1940s ladies’ faces. 1950s bottle of foundation cream at center called “Instant Beauty.” Trim: tiny copy of gold ring @ center, plus alternating insets of dark glassy brown & more bright blue.


Art: Fruity Friday (Oh, wait... :/ ) 

“Still Life 6” - Mottled green “alligator skin” tall rectangle. Scattering of 15 white rectangular tiles w/edges of red, orange, or green. Gray 1950s kitchen clip @ lower R. 1970s red apple painting above that 3 round glass mixed fruit paperweights nearby. Trim: 2 coppery enameled Art Nouveau fairy figures, tiny trophy line drawing, & 4 vary-colored textile clips. Text: “The hungry colors always work best for me.”

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Art: Weirdos Watch You @ Beach 

“Rockaway” - Tall rect. in yellow w/off-center blue mat. Center: Red, yellow, & blue column w/fishtail shape @ top & bottom + orange glass eyes. 2 1950s dolls in red swimsuits @ L. & R. Their heads are upside-down yellow cabinets w/open doors & blue glass eyes. Trim: 4 fishing lures, 2 strips w/tropical fish print, 2 bulbous blue Chinese bottles, 2 sets 1940s red labels printed w/“Glass,” “Liquid,” & “Fragile.”

Art: Fruity Friday (Oh, wait... :/ ) 


something different here (cannot quite verbalize)

like blank text boxes ...

your work continues to engage me

Art: Weirdos Watch You @ Beach 


middle stripe is amazing (colors shapes)

don't love block head dolls, but know your well enough to understand them


Art: Weirdos Watch You @ Beach 


I think the dolls would've looked better if I hadn't glued the heads on so soon. They shoulda' stayed level but the bodies shoulda' curved more. Oh, well. Gotta' move on.

Art: Weirdos Watch You @ Beach 


i think the dolls are just so "metaphorically powerful" ...

also had not thought about curves v lines but i will (another reason i enjoy chatting, learning new (to me) parts of visual "thinking")


Art: Weirdos Watch You @ Beach 


This one started out as my "Mermay" entry for this year, but it stubbornly pulled away in another direction and I finally had to acquiesce (aquatically).

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