US Pol - Snark, YouTube 

"How dare you go to my main page, find out my account is completely empty apart from my generic Neolib trolling of your channel, and call me a troll! I think it's YOU that's the real troll! Waste your life debating my warmed-over Brock-ian bullshit right now or I'll cry! I mean it!!"


US Pol - Snark, YouTube 

Neolib trolls are so weak that they can't even take 2 mins. to put 1 damn thing in their YT accounts. JFC. How hard is it? Grab a badly-miked Korn clip from 2001... Footage of gulls stealing jimmies off a tourist's vanilla cone... Paula Deen in her terrible Scarlett O'Hara cosplay. Anything. Show me you care, you hopeless dinks. 馃檮

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