I know there are cats out there who get upset if their human moves a folding chair 1' across the room. But El Sid watches me switch stuff around so I can sweep the floor, and his whole shtick is, "Neat. How can I best exploit this in order to have myself some big fun AND make the human lose her silly mind for DAYS?"


"Oh, wow. Now the kitchen stools are *right up against* the row of hanging coats! I'm gonna' jump up here and try to climb the coats and reach the ceiling and-- oh, wait. I just ripped the lining out of that barn jacket and fell down. Well, whatever. That's cool, too. Now let me try again and see if I can bring down the whole rack. Yee haw!" 🐾

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My boss: "Jonathan C., you CAN'T call in sick to work just because the cat won't let you finish sweeping the floor!!"

Me: "Oh, yeah. Just watch me! Power to the mammals!"


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