Can't really say I've knowingly patronized any Disney outlets in the last 10-15 years. But knowing that they're greedy and selfish enough to reopen their fucking theme park right now makes me feel affirmed for that. πŸ–•

I know about Marvel. Who else do I need to avoid completely to make sure I'm not tossing any pennies at the Monsanto of entertainment?

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Also, since I am nothing if not the most famed and venerated positive thinker on Fedi :D , feel free to plug your own fun, homespun, scrappy, not-in-any-way-Disney-bound content here. :)

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read books ...

(although publishers are also shitheads, their smaller scale makes them less awful (just by scale))

myself currently:
chuang tzu (penguin)
poems (e.bishop) (fs&g)

taking a walk can also be enertaining (enough)

bonne chance!


Y'know I had some books once. I should see if I can locate them again. :P


(playing along)
perhaps local library has pick-up arrangements?

_conquest_of_bread_ peut-Γͺtre?

many other options possible (_valley_of_the_dolls_) ...

easy peasy


It's a pretty big list... Star Wars is maybe the other Big Property especially lately

@xenophora some well known subsidiaries and major sponsors include:

ABC, 20th Century Fox, Hyperion Books, ESPN, Coca-Cola, NestlΓ©, McDonald's

@norikawa @xenophora Yeah. For direct subsidiaries, ABC, Fox/FX studios (excluding Fox news, but...), ESPN, Marvel, Lucasfilm, National Geographic, A&E networks (including History Channel). I think that's most of them.

@naga @norikawa

Thanks. It's good to know I can rebrand my laziness, bad financial planning, and short attention span as social justice and a commitment to public health. ;)

@naga @norikawa

I can't keep up! πŸ™€

Everyone please bootleg and steal both entertainment and meds for the greater good wordlwide. 🀷

@naga @xenophora @norikawa Bayer made Zyklon-B when it was part of IG Farben... so I stay away from that one off principle...


Disney owns a ton of stuff, there is an infographic linked here that shows it all, though it's not terribly accessible sadly.

Some of the bigger ones are 21st century fox, History channel, ABC, National Geographic, Vice, ESPN and Pixar.

They also have a a stake in GoPro weirdly.

@stitchandsew @xenophora having a stake in GoPro is normal when you consider they also have a telecoms company and an energy company to service the town they designed and built in Florida:

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