The area were #tesla is preparing to build their new factory is in a water protection area.

Environmental protection is the last what tesla cares about.

They're charlatans profiting from this #climatecrisis by false promise of salvation. Instead of a systematic change of our transportation systems, they are selling the story of how hyper individualized transportation will safe the world.

What an obvious bullshit, yet so many believe in it, even so called "environmentalists".


tesla will use up to 323.000 liter water, per hour. a water protected area, that is troubeling with drought.

And still the minister of the green party for environmental protection in Brandenburg is supporting #tesla, of course.

Remember that they also supported RWE until @hambibleibt got fame (obviously they needed to change their position after, otherwise they would loose a lot public support. remember what they do!)


@greencapitalismkills @hambibleibt

I seriously cannot understand what comes over otherwise sensible people when you say the word "Tesla." It's like even secularists are frantic for a Jesus figure, and not even the real Jesus, but a plaster version. :(

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