if you think people who like jazz are assholes, wait til you meet someone who doesnt like jazz



You can break the brains of lovers and haters alike by playing Stevie Wonder up to "Sir Duke" and saying, "It's Jazz STFU."

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See also Gil-Scott Heron's "Is That Jazz?"

As a little kid I thought Wonder was singing, "...and with a voice like bells ringing out..." :D

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And the chromatic talk makes me think of this and how shocked I was as its simple melody line (?) on the keyboard when I tried to pick it out unassisted on my cheap-ass plastic recorder:


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This was the 1st Akiyoshi-Tabackin LP I owned. I'd also really recommend *Insights* and *Salted Gingko Nuts* as they've both made it onto YouTube. ๐Ÿ‘

@xenophora @estebanm @envgen I got to perform with them once in the late 1980s as part of a summer jazz school and it was absolutely as amazing as you'd suspect, and they genuinely seemed to be delighted to spend a few 12-hour days playing with a couple dozen teenaged jazzheads.

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Whoa. I saw them play on a double bill with Max Roach once but we were never introduced.

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