I forgot what a gold mine I had in this big stack of 1980s glossy 1%-er auction house catalogues I have stuffed on the lowest bookshelf. In my student days I fished them from the library discard bin where I did work-study. Or a found them on the B&N bargain table for $1.50/ea. I'm gonna' start posting Impressionist & Modern stuff from them and making an index of the artists so I can reference them more easily.

I'd always assumed that most of these pics would've made the crossing to Wiki, et al. by now but a few cursory searches tells me that isn't so. So... another project to add to all the ones I've already got going. :D

(Never fear I'm not going back on our agreement that Capitalism bites even though I'm keeping these. ;) )


OK, so to start: a pair of 1968 pieces from Max Ernst. "L' Astronaut" (big white bird head in profile above a black rect. block of tiny running men) & "Enfant de Chouer" (brick red w/black child-unicorn critter in profile above a crosshatch-y/peppermint bark-ish square). Both comps also have trapezoidal or triangular simple "feet."

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Oh, and if you want more details on these, just look at the "Ephemera" line on my profile. Cheers! β˜•

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