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US Pol- Griping About Online "Left" Brand-Builders Again 

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Meanwhile, Over Yonder -- US Pol, Repro, SC, Celeb Dem-Fems Go Pound Sand 

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If you'd like to own a standard-size ($1 ea, plus shipping) or "double-wide" ($2 ea, plus shipping) ATC , let's talk!

I'm linking only these two albums for clarity's sake, but any work you see with a "for sale" tag can also be shipped. I'll also cut you a break on shipping costs if you purchase multiple items. Make me an offer. I'm always looking for bus fare and grocery money. Thanks! :)

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[robo voice:] Oh yes please more auto-crossposts from Birdland build build build your *~*brand*~* and preen endlessly about all the platforms you spam while never even once having a real convo with another human oh yes please I just can't get enough [whirr click]

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Art (And .Art) Meta, Re-broadcast: 

Not sure how I feel about this piece I just finished. I'll decide in the morning, I guess. 😩

Don't glare at me, Fedi... YOU brought it up!

πŸ… πŸ… πŸ…
πŸ… πŸ… πŸ… πŸ…

We stopped expecting a miracle once we hit $3k in the hole but anything to help us slow falling further behind is appreciated
But really at this point we're just trying to keep the lights on and gas in the car while it all burns down around us... :thisisfine:

anything helps.. please boost$luxotek

πŸ’ πŸ’ πŸ’– πŸ’–

Reposting because someone mentioned i forgot my kiddo's wishlist for her b-day in a couple of weeks

from birdsite, re polICE crackdowns in WA state:

β€œif you’re in Washington state and see any ICE activity pls call the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network ASAP At 1-844-724-3737”

I hate that basically all my local activism is relegated to fuckbook. I can't find a group that does anything I can help with that isn't on the Cursed Blue Place.

Hello my lovely :mastoart:β€’ARTists!

Today I preemptively blocked the two Gab domains I know about (.com and .ai) ahead of their plans to switch over to Mastodon at the beginning of July.

Hopefully this will mean we won't see even a speck of them when they join the :fediverse: Fediverse. :bowie_stardust: I'll continue to block future Gab domains as I become aware of them.

Keep being awesome, all! :make_like_edmonia:

#Help needed for 2 people who have been staying with me the last couple of months

info in #gofundme, but TLDR:
- trans women fleeing an abusive situation
- now in a precarious housing situation
- One just got a new job, but no paychecks yet
- my room is only available till the end of June so they need some short-term help

ways to help:
- DM if you have a short-term room for free/cheap
- #boost this toot πŸ™
- #donation

#trans #emergency #moneyhelp #seattle #pnw #fediask


Meta, Fascism 

Gab, meta 

twitter, pol, media, nazis 

Drawing is annoying because I got bitten by a certain chipmunk.

A little 🐰 gif if you need some bunny magic.


Can I have suggestions/links of CC music from artists that happen to also be on fedi, please and thank you? :blobaww:

#askfedi #askfediverse #lazyweb #CreativeCommons #music #help

Male friend of a friend on facebook made a response about how when they were 8 years old their teacher asked them if they could be any animal what would they be, their response was "I'd be a girl" and they then argued to the teacher that humans are a type of animal and were allowed it as an answer.

I could not help but respond:

"Did you ever follow up on your dream?"

It's Juneteenth! Lesser known African American history /3 

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