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We have lift-off! Wooo!! πŸ¦‹

β€œTime Alone 3” - Tall reddish brown rectangle w/faint leafy brocade pattern & dark watercolor-y β€œdirt” at bottom. Side view of a spiky pink 10-petaled flower w/wriggly green stalk & 8 dandelion-y leaves. Elliptical clock face over β€œdirt,” & tiny clock face welds flower & stalk together. Trim: 10 tiny multicolored butterflies @ left & right.

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U.S. Pol - Snark 

Me (returning to Le Birdhouse to finally rake in the clout and snuggles that I've always deserved) :

Sanders, no less than Pelosi, is a major impediment to positive change. Retire, Bitches!

... πŸ¦— ... πŸ¦—... πŸ¦—

Well, damn. That could've gone better.


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My buddy C. is doing that local mutual aid thing. Reposted for pinning purposes. Contributions from your own locale always welcome.


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I have another small art project on the back burner. If you're comfortable with languages besides English, I'd love your help with it:

What's the most coherent and/or poetic way to translate the following sentence:

"Will the rose survive?"

I know online translators exist, but they're not always sufficient.

Thanks in advance. β˜•

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US Pol - "Friendly Fascism" 

Without anti-militarism (or anti-interventionism) your anti-fascism is doomed to be as frail and hollow as a blown-out egg. :(

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Really most of the cryptocurrency world, including things like NFTs, is really just scams and grifters dressed up in fancy math. #ShowerThoughts

Personal Disclosure: Mostly Exciting Only To Me 


I'm not dead!!*
*Just drove into the curb art-wise weeks ago and can't seem to get back on. It's making me too crabby for company.**

**Also there's an appointment with my specialist coming up Friday, which makes me a nervous wreck. Because they have to review my labs and I haven't seen the results yet.


[stares gloomily at coffee cup]

It's 2021 and I still don't speak a word of Computer.


Art Grumbling 

Bah. So many pictures on deck that *~*look promising*~* and none of them where they need to be to get done.


Snack Mention: Cats Are Still Funny 

Someone at work gave me a package of Pocky Chocolate, and of course the little bag rattles really loud when you open it. Guess whose big green eyes just lit up like fireworks (even though he got his damn dinner just an hour ago)? lol

Twitch, a PSA, :boost_requested: 

If you're active on twitch and especially a streamer and SUPER especially a streamer of a marginalized identity, check your chats for someone going by a variant of "hoss00312". We've had to ban about 7 different versions now, and they've started sending out follows and stuff. We have no proof but believe them to be a forward scouting force for hate raids.

If you're not sure if someone in your channel is a bot, there's a site for that.

I could just shut off the ringer on my phone after the 7th or 8th time some spammer calls and breaks my concentration just as I'm back in proper Art Production Mode. But I'd never remember to turn it back on. Might be more efficient to just toss the damn thing in the toilet and walk away.


Okay, I'm deleting my Patreon on Sunday.

Before that day, go and listen/download then enjoy/mock/use some of it in a project of yours by checking out this post:

None of my music costs any money at this point, and outside of covers and soundtracks, my original music is all .

Thanks to everyone who's ever supported me, on Patreon, here, or elsewhere. Fiscally or as a community, or individually. S'all appreciated.

Questions about mastodon instances 

I tried to find the answers on my own but could not, probably because I don't know the right way to phrase them for search engines.

I want to switch to a different instance (is that the right word)? One that lets me better control interaction with my posts.

Is there one that lets me delete other people's comments on my posts?

Is there one that lets me disallow comments on individual posts?

Goofy-Ass Food + Sex Joke: Take 85 or So 

If your kink is an old lady in a freshly-laundered men's robe licking the rim of the emptied maple-syrup bottle because she hates to waste anything, then I'm the one for you.

[PayPal link]

β€œI don’t know who needs to hear this” 

Hi, I’m seriously mentally ill. I didn’t get my shit together to live a stable and sustainable life until I was like 36. Life is pretty good now, it wasn’t for a really long time. Hang in there. It’s not β€œwasting your life” to get to a destination on an indirect route

I need to tell myself this too. Being so unstable for so long meant I didn’t form healthy relationships. I wish I’d had even one positive romantic partnership, but my path there is a longer one

If you want to help spread the word about the Fediverse, try politely asking your favourite sites, organisations or projects what their Fediverse/Mastodon/PixelFed etc address is.

Obviously not everyone has the time or the spoons to maintain social media accounts, but just casually asking for an address will indirectly let them know the Fediverse exists.

The more people that ask them, the more likely they are to find out more about the Fediverse and join :fediverse: πŸ‘

#Fediverse #FediTips

I decided to do a Labor Day sale since I haven't sold anything in ages... All patches currently 50% off! Please boost ⬆️

U.S Pol - Snark, Your Beloved Revolutionary Podcast 

I'm on a fan board where people aren't real political. But they'll snicker at some big wheel at a big comics company who keeps teasing w/hashtags about how a canceled comic people love will be back any minute now, really! Big Wheel can't tell you when or how, but it's coming! It really is! Just keep watching (& buying his other stuff while you wait)!

That's what a lot of these pitchers of podcasts sound like vis-a-vis *~*revolution*~*

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U.S Pol - Snark, Bootlickers 

Always tickled when someone interrupts a justified rant at the "harm reducer" a-holes currently in office to snootily intone, "Do you even understand how Government works?"

Uh, if that defense doesn't apply when a repair person who was licensed and bonded fucked up my washing machine, or when a reputable restaurant brings me a sandwich with a dead frog in it, why is it somehow a credible defense here? πŸ–•

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U.S Pol - Snark, lol 'good' Dems 

Just idly wondering about that dude who unfollowed me for bad-mouthing AOC. Hope he's having a lousy week.

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Asking for support. 

So, as you may know, I've been struggling with my student loan this summer.

I was considering setting up a GoFundMe, but I'm opting against that right now.

I've set up a Β£300 goal on ko-fi to help cover my costs of living, because it has cut into all my incomes significantly.

If you can afford to help me, feel free to drop by my Ko-fi. You can even set up recurring monthly support on there.

If you can't afford to help at this point in time, boosting helps just as much.

Type Of Guyβ„’ scratch ticket for we who want to try out being a random guy for a day or two just to see how we like it.

Health Stuff, Not Likely Virus-y 

Woke up from four hours fitful sleep with a sore throat that still won't go away 5 hours later. Stayed home from work b/c I don't want to risk going up and down stairs with gear/supplies all day in this condition.

Welcome to National Nothing Wants To Work Right Day.


Oh, well. At least it's a nice day outside again and El Sid can have his open window to hang out in. 🐾

U.S Pol - Snark, Death, Taxes, Repro, & Abusive "Sisterhood" 

Me, in 2015 to a McSister, "Say you know St. Jimmy Carter the *~*good Baptist*~* is on recent public record whining that Roe is 'regrettable.'"

McSister to me: "Oh, don't be mean to Jimmy he's just a nice old man."

Same McSister to me in Nov 2016: "You fiend you foul monster how dare you vote for the WRONG WOMAN and DO THE GOP's WORK FOR THEM hisssss I am very bright and I understand what history is!!!"

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