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If you'd like to own a standard-size ($1 ea, plus shipping) or "double-wide" ($2 ea, plus shipping) ATC , let's talk!

I'm linking only these two albums for clarity's sake, but any work you see with a "for sale" tag can also be shipped. I'll also cut you a break on shipping costs if you purchase multiple items. Make me an offer. I'm always looking for bus fare and grocery money. Thanks! :)

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Thank you mew and flussence. Time to post this until everyone's sick of it. :D

New arrivals: take note:

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[robo voice:] Oh yes please more auto-crossposts from Birdland build build build your *~*brand*~* and preen endlessly about all the platforms you spam while never even once having a real convo with another human oh yes please I just can't get enough [whirr click]

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One example. Georges Braque has lived in my head rent-free since that day in 1987 (?) when someone brought proofs for a book of his etchings into the copy shop where I worked. Braque made figures who have blotchy fish or bird heads but bodies made of lines like hand-coiled wire springs or those hair clusters you have to discard when cleaning the sink. He's one of my prized tenants. <3

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's noticed the strangeness of the phrase, "So-and-so lives rent-free in your head." Despite our commonly held views about property and rent, somehow when we playfully imagine a rent-free world it's in the most negative way possible. [grumble]

Tomorrow: my 50-part homage to all the people I *invited* to live in my head rent-free. Breakfast and lunch will both be provided.

if i were to ever run for political office it would be on a platform of making it deeply illegal for anything to autoplay anywhere and i think this would solve more problems than on the surface it would appear to solve

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This is something I really like about Paris actually. In the centre of the city, there's street art *everywhere* and a lot of it is really impressive.

Real Men don't ascribe to arbitrary measurements of validity imposed upon them by outsiders trying to be gender police.

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Happy post time!

My local shelter rescued a pregnant puppy (10-12 months) from a bad situation. 2-3 weeks from birth, if that.

Here she is with her TWELVE healthy puppies, all of whom will be placed for adoption when ready.

Mama's already been adopted by her foster family.

SO HEY PSA, the cop is suggesting @Gargron ADD LOCATION DATA TO POSTS.

This is not a fucking drill. The cops are here and doing spooky as hell shit. Credit to @quantified for bringing this to attention.

There is just absolutely no reason why adding location to posts would ever be a good idea for anybody except for cops and corperations, if you want to geotag yourself you can just like, say where you are in the post. @Gargron

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I’m at work, and it’s a slow morning so I have time to draw a little bit. I gave up on because tarot is not my kind of inspiration somehow. So I sketch without theme

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