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β€œTime Alone 2” - Long rect. in br. green w/lt. tooth texture. 3 rows ea. w/doubled black over white diamond shapes. 3 in top row, 4 in cent., & 5 in bottom. Alt. details over these: 3 tiny metal butterflies, 5 white watch faces, and 4 scraps of β€œpasted on” text from ads. (No other colors, just duotone effects.) Butterfly shape repeats in lg., faint β€œchalk” marks on the green β€œpaper.”

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US Pol - Little Puzzles 

Lefty Voter: "JFC but I was conned by Obama. I was under a spell & didn't know how to criticize what I saw & heard. I really was desperate & fell hard for his whole pitch, but never again."

Same Lefty Voter, a few videos later: "Don't dig this Lefty candidate. He has no charisma. He's bland & just recites facts. Here's my detailed list of what he's got wrong, BTW."


Me: "So... you're saying that bland recitations of facts are in fact better for you, the voter?"


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I have another small art project on the back burner. If you're comfortable with languages besides English, I'd love your help with it:

What's the most coherent and/or poetic way to translate the following sentence:

"Will the rose survive?"

I know online translators exist, but they're not always sufficient.

Thanks in advance. β˜•

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US Pol - "Friendly Fascism" 

Without anti-militarism (or anti-interventionism) your anti-fascism is doomed to be as frail and hollow as a blown-out egg. :(

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US Pol- Griping About Online "Left" Brand-Builders Again 

"Hi I'm Fred The *~*Prog*~*Creative*~*. For 3 yrs. straight I will attack mainstream Dems to get the social capital & hits I crave. During the election year it's different. I slam Greens & any other Left off-road challengers using the same bullshit vote-Neolib-or-die arguments rags like *La Nation* were already peddling when I was still learning to read.

"I'm Fred & I don't really understand shit but ha ha ha I win b/c neither do my fans."

Taking a whack at pretend "hand-coloring" of B&W clips in Photoshop using multiple layers and honestly... it's not bad.


*~*Cancel Culture*~* 

I wish I could remember which podcast I heard this on, but it was re: some celeb who whined about how people on social media were mean to them. The response, roughly: "You don't get to be the King Of The World and also universally loved. That's not the way it works. That's not the way it's ever worked. Kings have always been hated, and with good reason. So just go retreat to your bejeweled gold gazebo and get a pedicure and shit if you're having a bad day."

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News websites, etc: here's a popup obscuring the article that you can't click out of without agreeing to cookies.
Me: you underestimate my ability to function on a shitty UI, I was born into this you simply adopted bad coding practices

On the off chance any of those artists are reading this: you rock. Keep doing what you do. 🎨 πŸ”₯

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BTW, I saw on my trip home today that the art placed over That Fancy Handbag Store's windows was being carefully removed. Too bad. I'd rather have that to look at 5 days a week than expensive dross I never wanted and couldn't afford if I did. :/

medical insurance 

Fun to think about now matter how much I manage to save in case of trouble still super beholden to my work because of medical insurnace.

Why do we have this model of your ability to get medical tied to your current employment. Even small temporary hiccups in employment can cause issues.

Or even just your employer getting bought by another company.

Or just deciding on a whim to change insurance plans.


:levar_dislike: white people fantasizing about moving to europe or canada to escape fascism (lol)
:levar_like: white people sticking around and actually putting in work to help dismantle settler white supremacy that they're responsible for helping build

*~*Cancel Culture*~* 

...Excuse me if I don't GAF about some ultra-rich dipshit's tears in *Harpers* or wherever. They'll be rich and surrounded by sycophants forever. Now a relative fraction of the world's population is audibly annoyed at some horrible bullshit they said, which doesn't strip away Golden Dipshit's wealth or prestige in any significant way. Boo hoo.


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*~*Cancel Culture*~* 

The very fact that so many of us weigh in on this when almost none of us will ever have to worry about it negatively affecting our own daily lives... kinda' makes its own point. Doesn't it?

IOW, I have a better chance of being struck by lightning than ever reaching a cancel-worthy level of popular/material success. Also, I can literally be fired for no reason or any reason from any job, pretty much. Right now, and for always...

Vegan Snackin' 

Bought a cute li'l can of dolmathes to share & and there's an odd number! Why is Greece trying to break up my marriage?! WHY?!?!

harassment, block recommendation 

I'm far from the first person to be harassed by lyliawisteria--they've been repeatedly kicked off of instances for bad behavior--but they're still around on this occurred on my monads alt earlier today.

lylia has a vendetta against anyone they deem a tankie, and their definition of this is... not exactly coherent. because they've decided I'm a "red fascist" they've threatened to doxx and stalk and harass me, and accused me of being part of an imagined conspiracy between me and other "tankie" users whom I don't even know who they are. given lylia's past though I assume that this is DARVO and these are just people who didn't have tolerance for harassment on their instances.

receipts below

uspol electoral 

it's almost the time of year where I post that the idea of voting is that if enough people vote for a thing, we do that thing. the idea is not that you vote for the person the most likely to win, it's exactly the opposite

US Pol - Off The Road Again XVIIII 

Watching the antics Over Yonder of the Jesse Ventura stans has made me change my mind: 12-year-olds should not be given the vote after all. Sorry.

You know you spend too much time on Fedi when you see someone ride by the bus stop on their bike, and you can really only see the eyes and a bit of hair. But you're sure they're that One Really Cool Person On That One Instance With All Those Selfies, but you can't DM them to ask if they're out biking just now because that would just be too intrusive and weird. 🚲 🎭

US Pol - What I Learned From You Tube Comments 

The "Dirtbag Left" should really just go ahead and rebrand as the "Shithead Left" or the "Fuckface Left."


Still out here hoping that my one and only "Ma'am, this is Pizza Hut" moment will be when I have the expected death bed tirade predicting my posthumous fame.

🎭 πŸ•

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US Pol - Repro/Labor 

I wish I could sew shut the mouth of every fucking fetus-worshiper for half an hour so I could ask Planned Parenthood why they're anti-union, anti-public-healthcare, and forever slobbering at the fancy shoes of Neoliberal fucksticks-- without constant interruptions from the Wiggity WGW$S or whatever those assholes are calling themselves this week.

Last month I was taking commissions to donate to Black Visions and BLM Seattle. Character belongs to!

Any advice for feeling comfortable interrupting people when they use the wrong pronouns?

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