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I have another small art project on the back burner. If you're comfortable with languages besides English, I'd love your help with it:

What's the most coherent and/or poetic way to translate the following sentence:

"Will the rose survive?"

I know online translators exist, but they're not always sufficient.

Thanks in advance. β˜•

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US Pol - "Friendly Fascism" 

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US Pol- Griping About Online "Left" Brand-Builders Again 

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If you'd like to own a standard-size ($1 ea, plus shipping) or "double-wide" ($2 ea, plus shipping) ATC , let's talk!

I'm linking only these two albums for clarity's sake, but any work you see with a "for sale" tag can also be shipped. I'll also cut you a break on shipping costs if you purchase multiple items. Make me an offer. I'm always looking for bus fare and grocery money. Thanks! :)

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[robo voice:] Oh yes please more auto-crossposts from Birdland build build build your *~*brand*~* and preen endlessly about all the platforms you spam while never even once having a real convo with another human oh yes please I just can't get enough [whirr click]

U.S. Pol Remembers 

Intersex Folks (+) 

Dealing with artist's block recently by watching those YouTube compilations which are nothing but intros for 70s & 80s network TV shows. Gonna' start pinning those because I want the youth to understand once and for all how Gen X got this way. :P

I'm not cute but I do have a personality. :P Well, not this early but after the coffee kicks in, for sure.

I suck at writing these and they're annoying AF and I guess that's why there's been no donations for weeks
And as much as I want to give up and never do one of these again, I have no other choice but to beg for help to keep us from becoming homeless from this fucking renoviction

I'm sorry but I have no idea how much time we have left
Please.. If you can help or boost

😫 😫 😫 😭 πŸ’” 😭 😫 😫 😫$luxotek

asking for help 

U.S. Pol Remembers 

hey people! i need help finding recs for a thing!

i need some semi-fashionable but comfy red boots. lower than knee-high, but can be between ankle and knee.
minimal heel height, no point-heel/stiletto shenanigans. needs to go up to a us women's size 11 preferably?
(i know sizing is tricky but that's what i usually am)

please and thank you! :boost_ok:

Crafting Day Infodump 

US Pol- Griping About Online "Left" Brand-Builders Again 

@iamirshad @Deepsealioness @IndiasMuslims @happyone @nchozhan @imMAK02 @jamewils

Basically what you have is a bunch of shitty little white nazi friendly open source enthusiasts ignoring anything but how much they can wack off about some piece of software.

They don't have to consider anything else than that because it doesn't affect them, being shitty little white nazi friendly open source enthusiasts, so they don't.

My instance block list: fascists, harrassers, transphobes & pedophiles and enablers 

This is one of my favorite contemporary artists who's work focuses on pre-colonized mesoamerica, traditions and spirituality, theyre having a sale rn:

Street art thread 

Complaining abt fancy restaurant 

time to figure out which one of my followers is now my eternal nemesis

More About Birdhouse Antifa 

Abuse pol/discourse, Incarceration 

Abuse pol/discourse, Incarceration 

Someone better break this tie or I'll be forced to conduct a run-off. πŸ‘Š

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