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β€œTime Alone 4” - Pink and red mottled square decorated with random duotone flowers from a glass paperweight. Trim: three different floating clock faces. Text: two curved sets of the words: β€œHolidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Other Special Events” with corresponding curved lines. Black text at left, White text at right.

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US Pol - The Big Warm-Up 

Remember, Kids: in 2022 you'd better vote for the top half of the petri dish which grows Fascism. Because if you don't, the bottom half will win!! πŸ™€

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Flip Phone's Time Is Nigh (HELP?!) 

Tracfone, which has been my provider for over 10 years now, has announced that my phone won't work come the 1st of February. "It's a smartphone, or nothing, Loser!" quoth Tracfone.

I. Don't. Want. A. Smart. Phone. πŸ™€

Is there any company left on this planet which is reputable and which will still sell me a flip phone with a pay-as-you-go minutes plan?

Thanks. Boosts totally welcome.

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I have another small art project on the back burner. If you're comfortable with languages besides English, I'd love your help with it:

What's the most coherent and/or poetic way to translate the following sentence:

"Will the rose survive?"

I know online translators exist, but they're not always sufficient.

Thanks in advance. β˜•

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US Pol - "Friendly Fascism" 

Without anti-militarism (or anti-interventionism) your anti-fascism is doomed to be as frail and hollow as a blown-out egg. :(

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NFTs are about money, not art. They do not serve the best interests of artists, and it's increasingly common to hear of artists who've had their art stolen by NFT sites. If you're thinking of getting into NFTs, *please* research thoroughly to avoid getting scammed.

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I talk about fatness and how fat people are made unwelcome in public spaces both socially and physically.

It's a deeply personal post.

🌼 The Right to Take Up Space:

the tension between wanting everyone to believe that the end of communism in Russia signalled the end of global communism and the complete victory of capitalism, and wanting everyone to still believe that Russia is the communist enemy of America because it was nice to have a ready scapegoat

Dear #merveilles

Work is requiring me to update my phone.

I've got a Nexus 5X that I'd like to offer free to a good home if anyone needs it. A little sluggish since all Android apps have bloated their ram requirements but it serves me fine.

If you cannot afford a phone and need one please DM Me and we can arrange shipment, otherwise I'll be donating this at the local shelter.

saw a sign in someone’s window today that said β€œlet’s go Darwin” and I’m pretty sure that single-handedly turned me into a tankie. American liberals love eugenics so much what the fuck

More About Art & Food 

Prepped and steamed zucchini and cauliflower for the next few weeks' smoothies. (They are both good stand-ins for ripe banana if your goal is less sugar in the finished beverage.)

Also got a whopping 2.5 hours in on the art biz [sic].

Now I just have to wash up and get to the store so we can have veggie tacos for dinner like I want.

(Neat... I just typed out a Art-veggie sandwich. :D )

Kid Lit Rambling, US Pol: Goofy 

The kids' book *Stone Soup* but every ingredient chucked into the communal pot is based on goofy TPUSA-based wordplay.

Since the book basically advocates for collectivism of some sort and against insularity, I guess that *could* count as a double-barreled own... Though I may be giving the TP crowd too much credit: you have to have a certain level of sharpness to know you've been owned.

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help i have awful brain disease, the disease where my brain is awful

dating app profile: i'm a Thing 1 looking for my Thing 2. You can be Thing 1 if you want though it's not really a big deal to me which of the two Things I am

COVID hopepunk 

This came up elsewhere but I wanted to draw this out in wide distribution:

Omicron waves seem to hit hard and fast. But they subside fast too.

People are beyond worn down, there's a feeling of inevitabililty. Relatable.

This is just to emphasize that *even* if we concede that *exposure* might be inevitable (and I think that's even a stretch!) it is *not* inevitable that exposure will turn into infection, let alone illness.

vaccinations help! masks help! ventilation helps!

Cat Antics + Food... Yeesh 

Me: (trying to maneuver bowl and spoon around cat) .... ? ....

Cat: Wow that's a real nice looking bowl of leftover veg. chili you have. It'd look way better splashed across those clothes you just washed, though.

People on this webbed site are always like, "hey, are you looking for an easy solution for [techy jargon that involves at least three abbreviations I've never heard of before]"

Snark About Aging, Vaguest of Vague Pol 

It's exciting to have navigated from the Age of Elders saying, "You're doing it all wrong and No I won't listen to whatever point you think you're making" to the Age of Contemporaries saying it, and now to the Age of People Half My Age saying it.

Life, stay classy and beautiful. [kissing noises]

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