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We have lift-off! Wooo!! πŸ¦‹

β€œTime Alone 3” - Tall reddish brown rectangle w/faint leafy brocade pattern & dark watercolor-y β€œdirt” at bottom. Side view of a spiky pink 10-petaled flower w/wriggly green stalk & 8 dandelion-y leaves. Elliptical clock face over β€œdirt,” & tiny clock face welds flower & stalk together. Trim: 10 tiny multicolored butterflies @ left & right.

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U.S. Pol - Snark 

Me (returning to Le Birdhouse to finally rake in the clout and snuggles that I've always deserved) :

Sanders, no less than Pelosi, is a major impediment to positive change. Retire, Bitches!

... πŸ¦— ... πŸ¦—... πŸ¦—

Well, damn. That could've gone better.


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My buddy C. is doing that local mutual aid thing. Reposted for pinning purposes. Contributions from your own locale always welcome.


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I have another small art project on the back burner. If you're comfortable with languages besides English, I'd love your help with it:

What's the most coherent and/or poetic way to translate the following sentence:

"Will the rose survive?"

I know online translators exist, but they're not always sufficient.

Thanks in advance. β˜•

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US Pol - "Friendly Fascism" 

Without anti-militarism (or anti-interventionism) your anti-fascism is doomed to be as frail and hollow as a blown-out egg. :(

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a literal nazi, block recommendation, a whole lot of fascist bs, you've been warned 

So I would definitely recommend putting yggdrasil dot social on your blocklists, they seem to have at least one literal nazi on there

hear me out, though: if elon musk keeps talking, maybe all the cryptocurrencies will fail

fediblock, brigading 

also blocking the following pleromas which brigaded the report above and seem to be edgyhavens full of ableism, homomisia, and toxic behaviour in general:


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US empire, please stop the ongoing poisoning my ohana, friends and community on O'ahu, our aquifer, and then charging us $4 a gallon for clean water. That's what you can do for us Native Hawai'ians for #AAPIHeritageMonth

Macron y su guerra contra el trafico de estupefacientes. Nixon se rie desde el infierno.


What I wouldn't give to go to a bar called πŸ₯ƒ The πŸ₯ƒ Bigger πŸ₯ƒ Jigger πŸ₯ƒ


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lol Not an editorial comment on my own relationship with my Mom, even if it's less than perfect it's not like this. (Whew!)

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Celebrating Mother's Day by re-watching that one time Eunice Higgins got one over Mama (with a little help from her friend). I sometimes idly wonder whether Mama Harper or Bojack Horseman's Mom would win at being the absolute worst damn mother on Earth.

(1970s - Boozing, DV and infidelity alluded to, all the fun stuff from that *~*simpler time*~* :D )

🍺 🍺

fun fact: if you ever find yourself engaged in a discussion about music that veers into "sampling and remixing isn't the same as really making music" you can feel free to call bullshit on that non-fact and point out the cases of the contrafact:

Putting "Asian and Pacific Islander" in your Youtube video/stream heading will get it shadowbanned (no notifications to subbed) if you aren't an approved 'corporate channel' or celebrity saying, 'the right things' about AAPI during this AAPI history month. They don't want us Asians and Pacific Islanders being heard, apparently.

At the same time that missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls and two-spirit people are being scrubbed from Instagram by Zuck.

They still won’t explain how a β€œtechnical issue” caused MMIWG2S posts to disappear on a national day of awareness.

Maybe Mark buying another 600 acres of our Hawaiian land and forcing us off of with US State cops and courts might come up. Also that sweet fossil fuel company money to erase the indigenous stopping pipelines, etc...

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Big Meta Reveal 

I tell everyone I wouldn't go to a meetup which wanted me as an attendant, but they all know I'm lying.

πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ :coffee_mug: πŸ•


So what's the deal with Are real people using it?
I don't like seeing reports about COVID disinfo ignored

People seem really sad today so I kind of want to hug the whole timeline

An older London chap now living in Sussex who runs a car detailing business blew the lid on part of YouTubes algorithms in one of his films - if he mentions Meguiars (US manufacturer of detailing products) he gets 3 times extra ad revenue, double for mentioning Autoglym or other British products, but only standard if no brands are mentioned.

Completely the opposite of public service linear broadcasting (such practices are actively discouraged/forbidden to TV channels in many countries..)

yeah call me a cynical bitch but i am pondering just muting all of

i was like "well they might just be german, i will give them a chance, let's see what their instance rules are" and then

ah, i see,

there it is, the "trader joe's" model 

this is what i mean when people's needs are symptomatic of larger problems.

personally, i think that capitalism can't be reformed, only eliminated. but it's really telling to me that corporations who are all about dishing out community rhetoric, fall back on being as ruthless as any other corporation when it comes to demands from the public and from workers alike.

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