Getting started on a 3D print commission for
LadyStormwell over on Twitter
of her character Lena. I still need to nail the likeness so it looks closer to the character concept, but having a great time regardless

I absolutely adore making characters with distinctive noses

Last week was largely a bust in terms of getting anything done on this because I was completely mentally drained, but now I'M BACK BABY

Behold the self flagellation that is modeling a braided leather bodice and corset-style laces

Still lots to do, but glad this part is done


I could've sculpted this, but that wouldn't allow me to cackle madly at my computer screen in the same way

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Ever so slowly picking away at this. Hoping to have the model done by Friday so I can get to posing it and putting final touches on it next week

I need to beef up a few details so they'll print properly, but I'm generally happy with how things are going so far

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