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I'm replaying baldur's gate and WHO IS THE BEST BOY?

that's all folks time for some break and then find all the cool artists and pieces

spoiler: everyone here are cool artists, and their art is cool also

something I did as headbar for my twitter/fb accounts.
You know what, headbars proportions doesn't treat this piece well :(

redraw of one of my struggles in digital media at 2009.
Drawn at march 2019

anyway, what's better way to goes back to dusty account than just SPAM

summer 2018

also yes i cheat the system and i am still able to draw on oekaki board at 2019, and i hope further. I love shi painter, drawing there is my comfort zone

Libre office is pretty painful when it comes to combine few files into one, it took me more time to manage it than fulfilling the applications.

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