I've been working on the Ben Eater 8-bit computer, with plans on extending it and having various bits of fun. I had taken a break for a few months and forgot how it works, so I decided to write up build documentation for myself in the form of a book. So far "Preface" and "1. The Build" are the only sections with content.


Ok, got the head attached to both ends, some awkward angles/faces still but it's got the shape I want

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Making a wrench for a friend's risk of rain 2 mod. WIP but happy enough with the head for now to start working on the rest

This is a low poly tree I made when I gave myself a hard 30 minute limit:

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I've started learning Blender, I made a simple little space ship. This was a couple hours of modelling.

This is a sample of my artwork, using Buddahbrot interpolated with Mandelbrot. This was rendered with a custom rust and glsl pipeline.


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