@wraithan So I just ordered this album and it occurs to me that from the vague impression I have of your music taste it could be up your alley (if you haven't come across them already): spacepiratesguild.bandcamp.com

He's on my radar because it's a local dude who happens to be married to my favorite local baker. A bit outside what I'd usually go looking for musically, but maybe putting things like the Tron and Mad Max soundtracks have widened things a bit 😄


@cincodenada I like what I'm hearing in this song, thanks for the link!

I'll give them more of a listen, but if the rest of the album is this good I'll be buying it. This is a bit slower than I usually like my electronic/rock/metal but I do dip my toes in slower chillstep stuff, like having a variety.

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@cincodenada Got further through the album and some of the songs definitely pick up the pace comparatively. Bought the album, will make some good coding music.

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