In this exact case, if just supported KDL, it could be a `just.kdl` file pronounced "just cuddle" which is bonus points.

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So... ( ) is all commands with arguments and properties... has anyone made a frontend for one of the make-like build systems that uses KDL as the syntax?

I learned that exists this morning while doing some hacking and just thought of the potential of having a way nicer way to specify the tasks.

Realized this week that 's (or rather Cargo's) "feature" concept makes it a lot less problematic to write frameworks. Notably (imo) frameworks need to be cohesive but also a la cart. With features letting me control dependencies as well as preprocessing the code, I can make mistakes in what is included in the framework and users don't have to pay for them if I wrap them in a feature.

This came up in thinking about having a service framework at my dayjob to make rust service spinup easier.

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Update: Okay apparently that URL has been broken all day. This is the bluegrass (almost Zydeco) version of "All I Want" by the Offspring, from an album of bluegrass versions of the Offspring

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is anyone interested in paid work on mastodon to customize an instance

I went to an in person happy hour with some coworkers who are not engineers and now my brain is all fight or flight but trying to constantly make small talk. I had to put my headphones on to let my poor partner just enjoy her game, and now I've taken to the interbutts to inflict myself upon y'all.

Coder burnout 

Tried to do rust stuff this weekend but my focus was like a bead of water in a hot pan, moving quickly from place to place, diminishing, and pretty noisy for how little changes.

Though that bead of water in the pan can be a good indicator of how hot the pan is, or in this case how stressed I'm feeling in general. Took a mental health day and not letting myself try to keep pushing on software. Most I'm going to do is clean up some depression piles.

Pushed up a bunch of changes to the documentation around my 6502 explorations. Some better documenting the current 6502 build, including a visualization that shows how wasteful the current memory map I'm using is under the "Breadboard 6502"

Depression, hygiene 

Been having a rough time, like many, but hey, at least I took a shower. Nice to be able to run my hands through my hair and not have them get greasy. Not leaving the house weeks/months at a time makes it hard to build the executive function. The risk of shame from others for not bathing is what'd kick me over the line and even that was tenuous. Anyway happy to be clean for now.

Ah, no C++ implementation of KDL yet, well I'm probably going to want to send this over to the debugger dynamically anyway, and for dynamic stuff I use a binary format called CBOR (but that might get ripped out and replaced with Probobufs one of these weekends)

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Ah hello weekend!

I'm hoping to come out of the weekend with a KDL file that can describe one of my 6502 builds. I want to use the same file to tell my WIP emulator about memory layout and hardware, as I use to tell my software build system how to assemble and link software, as I use to tell my debugger information about the system it is plugged into.

I wont be hooking it up to all those system right away, just going to try laying out the file and reading it in and C++ on a .

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How do you pronounce FAQ?

Spent a bunch of time tonight rearranging the pin order on schematics for my 8-bit data / 16 bit address backplane setup. That and reading the data sheet for some 22V10 CPLDs I got. They can be used for address decoding, and other signaling to replace 2-3 ICs I'd have to solder in, with something I can reprogram a few times as I change my mind. Neat stuff.

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Related q: If I want to make a simple Mastodon bot, what is the most pleasant interface [Python or JavaScript/TypeScript preferred, Ruby… tolerated when necessary] for doing so? I found a list ( of libs, and there's one for Python and like... four for JS. Can anyone give an endorse/"ugh stay away" for any of those?

Also, what instance(s) are friendliest to hosting bots (and/or which bots-allowed instances are least likely to me)? I found a ""…

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I am once again reminding you of the existence of #kdl (, a fancy new config/document language that could make your config files so much more expressive and maintainable than YAML/JSON. pls take a look!

Been all extra sensitive today, my ego getting bound up in technical discussions that it has no place hanging out in.

Has meant needing a lot more emotional recoup time after meetings, than my normal stand up and walk around for a minute to shake off the zooms and figure out what I was coding on before the meeting.

Maybe it's the political news I consumed before work? Maybe other stuff? Really dislike not having a clear reason why my brain is suddenly rebelling in this way.

minor injury 

Bad part of today: cut my ring finger and now I gotta wear a bandaid

Good part of today: Peglin, this cute pachinko roguelike game I've been obsessed with only takes 1 hand to play

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I didn't end up starting on FreeCAD stuff until pretty late at night, so I also forgot to post images since I was tired and only got like 30 min of playing around in. Maybe this weekend I'll be able to find more time. One thing I'll note, WOW there are a lot of curves to a Kinesis Advantage... going to need to learn a few things to be able to model this compared to the rather blocky stuff I've tried before.

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Got those "primary on call with an alert I can't really do anything about firing every 30m" blues due to a system we don't own being busted af.

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