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Remember my little elf with the two colored pigtails? I've had this idea, making her hair form a kind of heart shape a while back. Perfect job to be done digitally. 😊 Do you like the blue and pink combo or would you prefer different colors?

Some flowers I made in watercolors that I turned into sticker sheets to sell. I'm out of stock already but I loved them so much! #flowers #art #mastoart

2009 -> 2019
I still have a LONG way to go but let's just say 2009 me would have lost their shit seeing this art so maybe I've made some progress over the years... :')

An OC I had a lot of fun making. Just need to do the fun part and decide what weapon she wields ✨

pay what you want commissions open this was such a fun idea to draw :) thanks for commissioning me!


I was planning to do an illustration for a change, but then this happened, haha. Oh well. Maybe next time. But I really enjoy drawing comics and technically they are just many illustrations on one page anyway.

My lovely forest nymph. This is actually a I'm hosting on Instagram. It was for my 15k event! Im hoping to makes prints and stickers with this lady. ❤

Misaki's redesign is complete! the improvment between this and the first time I drew her 2 years ago is so stark I couldn't be happier right now 😊

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