Welcome to all the artists who recently joined the Fediverse!
If you are an artist and a woman, you may tell me so I can follow you and boost your art. Also, you may want to tag your creations with the hashtag to make it easier for others to find them.

@Mixedprincess Welcome! I hope we’ll see more of your art soon :).

@womensart Yay I'm a woman artist 🌟 Thank you for the boosts & hashtag we can use, it's rly nice !

@womensart While I totally agree that women artists in real life do not get the recognition they deserve, the fediverse is different.
There is so much diversity here, that the maker's gender(s) hardly seems an issue.

Am I alone in thinking this?

@womensart If I ever have some to boost and you like it and want to boost it, I probably wouldn't mind because I can't afford it any other way as a female-read person in a male-dominated art world where enbys don't even occur. or as in my case, are parked on view to the women. "man" am I either. take your pick. my themes are also feminist.

@anthra I have no problems boosting art made by non-binary people who ask me to :).

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