Every Friday, I will list up to four artist women I think people may want to follow.
The chosen people will be selected depending on my mood. I won't try to keep the selection consistent in terms of medium and style.
This is intended to be a way to showcase the artwork of the women posting here. It is not meant to be a curated collection of what I think are the "best" artists. The only goal of this account is to help all women to share their art with the world.

Saturday, 27th April, 2019
Let's do things a little differently this week and only feature one artist. I suggest you follow @HTHR, creator of the video games "Secret Spaces" and "EXTREME MEATPUNK FOREVER".


Sex, BDSM 

Sunday, 15th September, 2019
If you love interesting video games with a feminist perspective, you should follow @christinelove, creator of "Analogue: A Hate Story" and "Ladykiller in a Bind".


Friday, 25th October, 2019
Have you ever listened to @3D63's music? If you are a fan of chiptune, you will probably love her creations!


Sunday, 19th January, 2020
@Alice_Dantor’s music is a sweet mix between digital music and bass guitar. Most of her compositions are quite atmospheric and evocative.


Great company to be in! Thanks for the feature!

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