"The Dispute"
Archie and Mary rarely agree on anything. It's tough to imagine that they'd ever cooperate.

I still like this piece a lot but I think I can tweak the lighting to be much better. Been tweaking it every now and then.

Done! All with tiny watercolor sketch kit and one water brush. I loveses my new kit! :easel: :flan_aww:

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

Thanks to the comment by @sorreltyree I actually finished the shading on this piece from mastodon.art/@letse/1016656067 XD I am trying cel shading this time

Everybody meet Pillow!


Suite à une nuit compliquée j'ai eu besoin de mettre en image ce qui allait pas, ça faisait longtemps

cw : neg, plurality, anxiety, scars


“yo check it out my dear friends, there’s even little people inside and everything”

#art #mastoart

It's not fully stuffed yet (hence the nostril creases and the one under the left eye) but it is already developing *Attitude*.

The cabochon eyes are not strictly follow-me eyes but as deeply set as they are it still kind of has that effect.

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