Yesterday's work. Love the colors! Love the light! But... Is it too cheesy? I think it's okay, but would love more opinions...

Day 74/365

I unintentionally fulfilled prompt #23 from the Guest Directed Self project today. More information can be found here:

I showed my teenager the Hogwarts letter and was immediately informed there was an invitation Kids These Days wanted even more.

Not sure how litigious Nintendo is considering that's the specific logo for the game; I'll poke around Etsy and see if anybody else is getting away with it before I list these.

I was finally able to finish drawing these guys. For now I am calling this species cave gremlins, cause i am terrible with names. this time I wanted to do some color variations and draw them as cubs since there are some differences, like the crest on top of their heads is just a small bump.

Sex, BDSM 

Usually the brave knight is supposed to slay the dragon, but I think Featus messed around with the theatre script again. 🎭

I’m going to be slowlyyyy sharing my artwork over the next few days. Here’s one of my oc Adamaris I made this week.

so righteous might in 2e is basically a magical girl transformation for clerics right... and nethys' holy symbol is a mask right... listen........

Flower glaceon taking a walk in the snow. Found the sketch and decided today's the day to colour it.

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