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Truth is Mar doesn't actually wear this outfit without coat but there are exceptions I guess. Also I need to design summer outfit first but I imagine it'd be something less suggestive. 🙃


I never know what the Literal fuck I'm doing when I color Gallico and I'm starting to suspect it's just gonna be like that

Goretober - Day 30 - Parasite :
On some planets, there are lakes in which swimming is not recommended.

List :

A quick doodle of my bard’s drag character, Bette Royale. I was just gonna do this for laughs for our DnD group but then it kinda evolved into a part of Dario's backstory.

Monzaemon (Teddymon)

Perfect / Ultimate
Evolves from: Numemon
Evolves into: ---

Digimon v-pet, version 1, 1997

(Hope you enjoyed Digimon Month, thanks for viewing!)

Pour fêter halloween!
Des p'tites citrouilles d'une Mercy main

Ajoutez moi j'adorerais jouer avec vous:

Long time no see.... and here I am again with a sketch of my baby Juna. I miss her so much, it’s still breaking my heart ❤️

okay so I learned of the font "gilbert" and

I loved it so much I immediately got to daydreaming and this came out of it I guess

I drew my girls Mimi and Arlé for the hashtag on twitter. I had fun drawing them in cute flower outfits~

My soft flower child, Otohana Tomoko! She loves cherry blossoms and peonies!

Sort of a diary page? I... doubt I can make it a daily habit, but for warming up or when I'm stuck, it might be a nice stream-of-consciousness habit to develop.

Remember my little elf with the two colored pigtails? I've had this idea, making her hair form a kind of heart shape a while back. Perfect job to be done digitally. 😊 Do you like the blue and pink combo or would you prefer different colors?

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