Finished! Not overly keen on this one but it was for experimentation purposes and it served its purpose.

$50 USD which includes shipping if you'd like to take it off my hands. This is on A3 paper (42 x 30cm), 220gm heavyweight smooth. I usually ask for twice as much for a piece this big ^.^

Message if you want to adopt it.

Art I created for an Art Telephone in a Discord server! I was the first one in the line.

So, Sammie's owner suggested that Mal should get a tattoo.

Somehow that turned into an elaborate half-sleeve that is a not-so-subtle reference to his not-boyfriend (Mal's nickname for Sammie is 'Lepestok' - Petal, in Russian).

#art #tattoo #wip #OC #malachi #sammie #mastoart #digitalart

I have a new Zine I hope to get printed ASAP to be available for Valentine’s Day! It’s about Queer self care inspired by the 7 Deadly Sins. More previews will be revealed soon and I have it available to preorder in my store. Proceeds over $15 privately fund my Trans friends’ healthcare like the beauty depicted in my Pride illustration 💖 $15 covers the cost of the Zine itself and if you choose to pay more the rest is a donation to help fund Trans healthcare! 🌈 #queer #mutualaid #zine

Commission for LIghtninBeatz!

Being an adult means making your own choices and understanding that you can totally get a gigantic teddy bear whenever you want to.

#furry #transartist #queerartist #mastoart

un gros brontosaurus pour une commission :)

patron par typingwithtea sur etsy

RT appréciés

boutique :

I finished this a little while ago but forgot to share... Albedo from Genshin Impact o/ I really liked 's performance as Albedo for the EN dub

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