I'm doing a few more passes on this, just something I started because I needed distraction, but so far spray adhesive and unwanted mail from people destroying the planet have made great additions to the supply arsenal.

I love those little buggers. And will be very very cross if we don't get to see them again in .

WIPs of my Alien species sheets worked up (1 of 8 😅) for my space opera science fiction story, Aphelion. They're kind of reptillian and communicate emotions via colour changing chromatophore cells in the skin (like a cuttlefish!) Did a vague mockup of the 'waves' on skin. Will probably refine at some point.

From act 2 onwards, the party is joined by Angela, so I’m working on some enemy encounters that are hard enough to take advantage of how powerful the party is at 4 people. However, this one is just bullshit and I’m sorry

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