"Woman & Bird 3 (Good Biscuits)" - Tall rect. w/soft "felt" or background of br. green w/turquoise & yellow: dec. w/vari-sized circles. Lower cent.: woman in wh. dress w/buttons made of eyes on ruffled collar. She holds a black ac. guitar & her head is a blue-green circle w/a yellow outline. @ right: a budgie watching fr. a perch. Other trim: 2 biscuits, 5 musical notes, some blurred vari-sized advertising text, a lg. dk. eye, & a green box of parakeet gravel.

Hewwo, I'm 22RII (Totorii)! ❤️
I mostly draw a lot of fantasy-based arts & characters, concepts and designs. I also do little side projects such as visual novels, RPGs and comics!

With this first post, I'd like to share my favourite art piece I redrew from 2014! Lady Weiss & General Pie!

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