First doodle in the new sketchbook. :D

Sadly the markers are more dried out than the swatches led me to believe.. Anyone got tips on how to make them work again? They're not empty, just dried up. Just add some alcohol?
(I don't want to buy new tips or refill colors because I barely used them the past 10 years and would otherwise throw them away.)

comfort food
#ドット絵 #pixelart

Just saw the recent trailer. I'm so in love with the new look. Let's hope story quality will not disappoint.
I miss those angry eyebrows so much.

I saw someone talking about how the idea of concept art/notes for games and the reality of it are two different things, so here's an example of 'concept art' and notes I had for Pizza Time Explosion,

“Rose Room 8” - Long rect. in pale pink w/sm. text background listing many 1946 rose varieties. Upper L. - tall rect. close-up clip of open red rose fragment. Lower R. - B&W fragment of room w/chair, plain pillar, & window tinted same pink hue. Trim: 3 B&W Roman pillar drawings, 2 hands ea. holding up 4 fingers, tiny brown/cream rose bush line drawing, bit of neg. cursive “chalk,” and a sm. “foil” disc. Some lt. green leafy brushstrokes follow line of background.

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I did the thing. I dunno if I like it and might redo it, but here it is for now!

It's my birthday! That means you have to boost my art.

Upper Moon six - Gyutaro

when you’ve barely slept off your exhaustion and your teammate is being way too peppy for mid-afternoon and barging into your shitty inn room 

Made a new icon! This was my first time drawing with Procreate and I really had a lot of fun with it :)
Also, I really love mushrooms!

Just a little sketch I did this morning since I'm so excited to play pokemon! Me as a trainer. Mixing trendy sporty clothes with a traditional haori

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