Hello #artalley , I'm new to the whole mastadon scene. I'm still learning the ropes here. I figure that I should post something art related on my page.
Here's a portrait of my mother's dog that I've been working on. It's still a work in progress. 🤗 #ipadart #dog #digitalart #doglovers #wip

I really wanted to get back into #paining . Here is a #practice piece I did following a YouTube video in #acrylic . I was so excited to start that I forgot the prep the #canvas so noe it has visible texture and was not the easiest to spread.

"Je venais de vivre un chagrin d'amour si bête qu'il vaut mieux ne pas en parler. À ma souffrance s'ajoutait la honte de la souffrance. Pour m'interdire une telle douleur, je m'arrachai le coeur."

---- Amélie Nothomb, in Journal d'Hirondelle
Illustration © Rita Renoir

#mastoart #womensart #womenofillustration #bkokenheart

Worked on the dark rainessancy painting from yesterday, and a new one that will probably called "rain".

Day 30: 2nd to last, ready for Halloween, Tass went with the obvious choice. Sometimes you just gotta dress up like the boss, right? @masotodonart

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