A happy and peaceful #Beltane to all. I went for a nice dawn walk this morning and saw my first moorhen chicks and also some tiny fluffy baby swans.

Kind of uninspired at the moment, so what else to do than paint a circle with some plants in?

📖 All current Patreon (and all other) supporters can now have access to my memoir, Back In The Woods.


cover art by: @welshpixie

My mind goes weird places when i'm stressed out and at a drink and draw.

A quick Saturday morning sketch as I recover from last night's D&D night: we are playing Curse of Strahd and we stayed up until pretty late (mostly trying to figure out how to save our characters skins).

As usual, sketched in Krita on Manjaro Linux.

Freebie pages, yay!

One page is a scan of that abstract tangle frame I drew recently, and the other is a scan of two little hand-drawn half mandalas.

Grab the print-ready PDFs here > patreon.com/posts/27067791


Wasn't gonna list it until tomorrow but then Etsy lost my draft for a little while so I went ahead and made it live so I can yell at them if they lose it now because I've paid my fee. 😁 etsy.com/listing/708097877/han

19 The Sun for . This one was nice. Different from the other ones I feel, much more clear and crisp, but that's what the sun does, right?

Picture shows a bright painting of a big glowing sun above a sharply lit meadow. Two figures stand on the light, outlined in by the harsh light. The sun is a bit 2 dimensional, the rest rather naturalistic.

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