They gave her a pet rock as joke. A lonely pet for a lonely woman.

She grew fond of it anyway.

She greeted it every morning when she turned off her alarm.

She rolled it in her hands while she thought.

Sometimes she painted it with bright patterns or cheerful meadow scenes.

When it purred for the first time, she was startled but pleased. It began to follow her to work, rolling tirelessly in her footsteps.

All the love she had given it, it returned tenfold.

#microfiction #TootFic

nouveaux pokémons en point de croix uwu

obalie et moumouton

vous pouvez m'en commander ! j'ai 4 sprites visibles sur la boutique, mais je peux en faire d'autres sur demande, envoyez un message

Done :) Lukas illu-color in deep green on 120gm Rivoli grey writing paper,with dip pen and brush.

I prefer the Diamine ink I used yesterday to this; this one dries a bit sticky and it was hard to wash it off the nib.

Genderwap Jabami Yumeko 

"I'm a gambling addicted loser-dog-Arf Arf!"🐶 💕

Genderswap Yumeko let's fucking GOOOOOOO



|| #OC #NSFW #nsfwart #femboy #monsterboy #originalcharacter #mastoart #ocart #digitalart #creativetoots #femboy #kakegurui #anime #genderswap ||

(Original Post date:
Sep 13, 2020)

It's time for some angst. I really like the content warning feature on mastodon, it's perfect for this.
(I saw the rondo movie spoilers and needed to draw this for coping reasons. Though it is quite nice to draw some angst for a change.)

CW: blood, angst, death(?)

Bon j'ai peindu salameche
C'est pas aussi propre que ce que j'aurais voulu, mais je peux pas faire mieux pour le moment

#art #sculpture #mastoart

pixel art 

je m'entraîne à faire des tilesets

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