Was sick of seeing the default bright titlebar for #blender in #gnome , so made a smol python hack that sets (just) the main window titlebar to the dark theme, using xprop. Only tested for Xorg/Gnome, get it on gitlab

Episode 20: Hygiene for a computing pandemic fossandcrafts.org/episodes/20-

How can we give users a safe and healthy computing environment?

We explore a solution with ample evidence (ocaps), and explore parallels with the (retroactively surprising) fight for handwashing acceptance.

Lil doodle with , very simple geometry, assets from blenderkit and tube open movie project, lit just with the new sky model

mh, meds 

A typical morning, brought to you by :
- starts writing for deadline
- opens an animation pencil test 'on the side'
- plays music "to help the focus"
- futz with bluetooth settings for 40 minutes (yay linux!)
- back on wired headphones
- 's terminal sez my addon requires updating for 2.8
- starts adding some features instead
- "oh shit", I was supposed to be writing!
- opens social media
- compiles book lists
(omitted for brevity)
- takes meds
- starts writing for deadline

Playing with and to make a quick crowd.

(remarkably easy: a few drivers to reduce the number of parameters, some modifiers, and a simple script to randomize aforementioned parameters)

Slightly mumblecore video of me trying out for animation in blender. Some issues: can't really control which transformation is happening, can't lock axis, can't clear transforms....

covid19 distancing guide 

Watch out for that slipstream!

I do like the characters and the setting but I feel like I’m walking around dead spaces and making them even deader

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made this from a set of photos I took last year using to make a mesh, then to rig, animate, add cameras, etc. HDRI lighting from texture haven, TV and barrel to hide imperfections, from model haven, sounds from freesound.org

this toot came to me in a dream 

remembering eels

memento moray

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