Lil doodle with , very simple geometry, assets from blenderkit and tube open movie project, lit just with the new sky model

mh, meds 

A typical morning, brought to you by :
- starts writing for deadline
- opens an animation pencil test 'on the side'
- plays music "to help the focus"
- futz with bluetooth settings for 40 minutes (yay linux!)
- back on wired headphones
- 's terminal sez my addon requires updating for 2.8
- starts adding some features instead
- "oh shit", I was supposed to be writing!
- opens social media
- compiles book lists
(omitted for brevity)
- takes meds
- starts writing for deadline

Playing with and to make a quick crowd.

(remarkably easy: a few drivers to reduce the number of parameters, some modifiers, and a simple script to randomize aforementioned parameters)

Slightly mumblecore video of me trying out for animation in blender. Some issues: can't really control which transformation is happening, can't lock axis, can't clear transforms....

covid19 distancing guide 

Watch out for that slipstream!

I do like the characters and the setting but I feel like I’m walking around dead spaces and making them even deader

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made this from a set of photos I took last year using to make a mesh, then to rig, animate, add cameras, etc. HDRI lighting from texture haven, TV and barrel to hide imperfections, from model haven, sounds from

this toot came to me in a dream 

remembering eels

memento moray

Another test - I guess this one will stay as it is, spent various days on it. Made it with great @opensource application - super glitchy and buggy though :(

To keep you all entertained & learning during COVID-19, I'm going to record more chapters of Scripting for Artists. What do you want to know? Which topics should I cover? I'm looking for input & inspiration. Let me know!

#b3d #Blender

@romrom @bram bottom right is "escape a high-security facility by dancing through the moving lasers, then stare in rapturous wonder at the sun setting over the ocean as you realise, maybe for the first time, the true value of your freedom". Which is pretty advanced for a microwave.

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